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What can we do to help?

The action that we will take will depend on the type of issues that you are reporting, the powers we have to deal with those issues and the type of action that you agree we can take. We will give you advice and help about what we can do to support you and help you sort out the issues.

Here are some of the things we can do to help:

  • Providing you with extra security measures to protect you
  • Referring your case to mediation
  • Issuing warnings to the perpetrators
  • Working with other agencies to sort out issues like youth nuisance by giving them Acceptable Behaviour Contracts.to keep to
  • In more serious cases, we might get the police involved or take people causing harassment and anti-social behaviour to court to stop them. For example by injunctions or applying to the court for possession of the property where tenancy conditions have been broken

Any action that we take will only be with your say-so.

Where we cannot help you, if the behaviour you have reported is not a breach of the tenancy agreement or leasehold conditions and Hounslow Homes has no legal power to act, we will give you advice about who else may be able to help.