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Anti-social behaviour (ASB)

Hounslow Homes is committed to working with the community, the police and other agencies to tackle anti-social behaviour.

Reporting anti-social behaviour should be done in person at your local housing office. ASB Officers are available for you to talk to at our Housing Receptions (excluding the Civic Centre). See Housing Contacts for information on housing office opening times.

If you are registered disabled or vulnerable we may be able to arrange for an officer to visit you at home. Contact the Customer Service Centre on 0800 085 65 75 for further details.

Making life better

Hounslow Homes’ anti-social behaviour (ASB) strategy aims to prevent race crime and all forms of anti-social behaviour. We are creating a climate where any form of ASB will not be tolerated and where perpetrators are dealt with promptly and effectively.

In July 2007, the anti social behaviour and tenancy teams merged and continue to be supported by separate teams of  neighbourhood housing wardens concierges. Our approach to tackling anti-social behaviour is a careful balance between firm punitive action and preventative measures.

The ASB and Tenancy team consists of 16 officers, 2 team leaders and a professional witness.

We investigate reports of anti-social behaviour and take action to stop it, pay for projects to improve your community and make your estates more secure with improved lighting or door entry systems

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Punitive action

Hounslow Homes’ success in dealing with ASB continues to improve. We use the full range of powers available to us including evictions, possession orders, acceptable behaviour contracts (ABC), parental control agreements (PCA), antisocial behaviour orders (ASBO), Notices of Seeking Possession (NOSP) injunctions and demotion orders

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Preventative measures

Hounslow Homes in partnership with Communities Initiatives Partnership (CIP) annually contributes a sum of money to a football programme on a variety of estates throughout the borough. The free football sessions give young people from different social & economic backgrounds the chance to build positive relationships as well as challenging them physically. This provides a diversion from less beneficial activities.

The neighbourhood wardens scheme provides a presence on our estates that will reduce the fear of crime, tackle anti-social behaviour and build community relationships. The service is now able to cover 31 estates throughout the borough instead of the previous five.

Our concierges in tower blocks provide a valuable first point of contact for residents in tower blocks. Concierges ensure that only those with a legitimate reason to be there are able to enter the building and they assist our specialist teams with information on incidents of ASB.

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Case Study

The behaviour of a 13-year-old youth from Hanworth caused great alarm and distress to other residents over a period of 18 months. Incidents included severe harassment, verbal/racial abuse, breaking into and entering properties, taking drugs and numerous incidents of criminal damage and other criminal activities. The 13 year old was also the leader of a gang of youths all carrying out anti social behaviour. Many residents did not even feel safe to leave their homes as a result of the perpetrator.

Working in partnership with local Police and residents, Hounslow Homes built a case against this youth. Residents were very involved with reports and when the case came to court - without them we would have been unable to secure an Anti Social Behaviour Order (ASBO)

We then worked with the Police to obtain post-conviction ASBO's (Police lead), this included providing statements, which lead to other youths in the gang receiving ASBO's that also restricted movement and behaviour.

Several Acceptable Behaviour Contracts were signed and since February there have been no further problems on the estate.

Our Anti-Social Behaviour (ASB) Policy

We aim to:

  • Prevent anti-social behviour happening
  • stop harassment* in your area
  • take action quickly
  • encourage residents to report ASB
  • Support residents who report ASB and provide details of other organisations that can help
  • make your home and nieghbourhood more secure if it is needed.
  • Work with other organisations to stop race crime and other types of anti-social behaviour

*Harassment might include violence or the threat of violence, abusive or upsetting words, damage or threats of damage to your property or graffiti. A person may also be harassed due to their race, sexuality, religion or disability. We do not tolerate any form of harassment on these or any other grounds.

Full and further information about our ASB policies can be found in the following publications:

How Hounslow Homes and Residents Can Help Reduce Anti-Social Behaviour and Hate Crime

Our Statement of Policies and Procedures on Anti-Social Behaviour

Our Summary of Policies and Procedures on Anti-Social Behaviour

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