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Access for all

At Hounslow Homes we aim to make our services accessible to everyone. All our publications are available in other languages, Braille, audio tapes, and large print.

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Hounslow Homes is committed to making this web site as accessible as possible to users with disabilities, including users who may be blind or partially sighted.

Click on the links below for how to:
Make the text bigger
Change the way pages look

To make text bigger
If you use Internet Explorer Version 5 and above

  • Click on the VIEW tab, at the very top on your browser window
  • Select TEXT SIZE from the drop down menu
  • Another small box will appear alongside, where you can select various sizes.

If you use Netscape Communicator Version 4.7

  • Click on APPEARANCE
  • Click FONT
  • Choose the variable-width font and fixed-width you want to use
  • Click "OK"

To change the way pages look
If you use Internet Explorer Version 5 and above

  • Click on TOOLS at the very top off your browser window
  • Select from the drop down menu, INTERNET OPTIONS
  • Under the GENERAL tab, click on the ACCESSIBILTY button
  • The ACCESSIBILITY box will show FORMATTING and USER STYLE SHEET options.
  • Under FORMATTING, click to tick colours, font styles, font sizes
  • Click OK

If you use Netscape Communicator Version 4.7

  • Click on the EDIT tab at the very top of the page
  • In the PREFERENCES box click on PREFERENCES
  • Click on APPEARANCE
  • To change colour, click on COLOURS
  • To change colour of text select the box next to TEXT and choose a colour then click OK
  • To change the background colour, select the box next to BACKGROUND and choose a colour, then click OK
  • Click OK to close PREFERENCES

ALT tags
All the images used in our site are given alternative text descriptions (‘ALT texts’),  if you have switched of your computer's ability to show website images you will still be able to know what the image is.

We strictly avoid the use of frames throughout the main Hounslow Homes web site.

Downloadable documents
This site uses PDF (Adobe Acrobat) file format for the publication of large and complex documents. Adobe Acrobat documents can be changed to plain text documents using Adobe's web-based conversion service at www.adobe.com/products/acrobat/access_simple_form.html

To view and print PDF files, you must have Reader installed. If you do not already have Adobe® Acrobat® click the link below to download the software

Our site also publishes documents in Microsoft Word format.

To view and print Microsoft Word files, you must either have Word installed on your PC or you can download Microsoft Word Viewer software

Further information about Accessibility
There is a lot of information available on the Internet about website access guidance and general standards. We hope the following will be useful:


Helping to create accessibility for all


All you need for reading pdf files


National Library for the Blind links site for blind and partially sighted people who use screen readers and other adaptive technology


Gives top ten website design tips


Bobby is an online tool for testing websites for accessibility for the disabled


Helping  people with disablities to find out about their civil rights and to see more clearly how useful the Internet can be as a source for information


A free independent monthly email newsletter on IT issues for people with visual impairment and blindness


The Disability Rights Commission site gives an inaccessible website demonstration


Free computer help for people with disabilities all over the UK


Gives detailed advice on web accessibility


Royal National Institute for the Blind - guidelines, links to accessibility checkers


Specialist programmes and Community employment strategies


Extensive W3C site with guidelines, links etc