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Service charges explained

Safety First - Hounslow Homes' staff receive health and safety certificates

Leaseholders Log

Get Involved

Alf Chandler and the AGM

HFTRA NEWS update from Julie Brooker

Improving communication

Leaving on a jet plane?

Bidding for properties on Locata

Reminder to get on board - Hounslow Homes Board Member elections

Joint initiative closed crack house

Home contents insurance from 95 pence a week!

TPAS Contractor Accreditation

Equalities Annual Report

Move to a seaside or country home

Budget review update

We're keen to be Green

Locata Review

Service charges explained

From the 7 April, Hounslow Homes and the London Borough of Hounslow will be introducing service charges for tenants.

Charges for electricity, and grounds maintenance will apply from 7 April 2024 and charges for neighbourhood wardens, concierge and caretaking will apply from 6 April 2009. Charges for digital aerials apply from the date of installation.

On average each tenant will pay an extra £1.20 a week from 7 April 2008.

Further information

Contact Hounslow Homes freephone on 0800 085 6575 or visit  Hounslow Homes reception areas for more information. You can also view our frequently asked questions leaflet.

Tenants wishing to speak to someone can arrange an individual appointment by calling the Hounslow Homes freephone. We can offer appointments outside of normal working hours on request.

Other useful numbers:

Money advice: 0208 583 5016, Minicom: 0208 583 5013

Hounslow Homes: 0800 085 6575, Minicom: 0800 389 982

Note: As leaseholders already pay service charges they will not be affected.

Safety first!

A record number of Hounslow Homes’ staff received Health and Safety certificates.

Over 100 staff successfully completed their Level 1 Certificate in Health and Safety recently.  A presentation event was held on Wednesday 6 February and was attended by Bernadette O’Shea, Chief Executive Hounslow Homes and Brian Nimick, Chief Executive British Safety Council.

‘These certificates are a demonstration not only of the commitment of those receiving them, but also of Hounslow Homes corporate commitment to developing a positive culture of health and safety, ’ Brian Nimick said.

Bernadette O’Shea added, ‘This great participation rate was only made possible with the dedication of the Hounslow Homes Health and Safety Team and it was great to see a range of people from across the organisation take this opportunity to take complete this training.’

Leaseholders update

Moving house

Leasehold services have moved from Accreditation House, Feltham High Street to St Catherine's House, 2 Hanworth Road, Feltham TW13 5AB.

Calling all leaseholders

In April we will be holding another election to find a leaseholder to take up the leaseholder post on the board, which has become vacant.

The leaseholder board member will bring the leaseholder perspective to decisions made by the board by offering valuable knowledge and helpful advice on how to improve services.

What skills will I need?

You must be able to work as part of a team with fellow Board members to give strategic leadership to Hounslow Homes and its employees. You must be able to devote sufficient time to attend evening meetings once or twice a month, including reading the papers for those meetings in advance. Training will be given to assist you in undertaking these unpaid duties.

Can anyone apply?

Only leaseholders living in the Borough may apply for the Leaseholder post on Hounslow Homes Board. You must also not be in breach of your lease agreement.

If you are interested please let us know by Friday 7 March 2008.

You can ring or write to: Jacqueline Mutibwa, Company Admin Manager, Hounslow Homes,

St Catherine's House, 2 Hanworth Road, Feltham, Middx TW13 5AB. Tel: 020 8583 3974. E-mail: Jacqueline.mutibwa@hounslowhomes.org.uk

What happens next?

We will hold an open event for all those interested on Wednesday 19 March 2008. This will be followed by a formal election for the vacancy. The successful candidate will take up office in May.

Get Involved

Why not tell us directly what we could do further to improve our services for disabled customers by joining the Disability Forum, which meets quarterly. For further details call Kim Mitchell on 020 8583 4201.

Alf Chandler and the AGM

Correction: Alf Chandler was unable to chair the 2007 AGM due to the fact that he was re-elected and officially sworn in at the board meeting, which followed the AGM.

HFTRA NEWS - Update from Julie Brooker

As you can see from the earlier news on this page,  the introduction of service charges for Hounslow Homes tenants has been confirmed by the council at their meeting earlier this month.

These service charges are a necessary provision to ensure Hounslow Homes will be able to maintain their services, such as grounds maintenance, concierge service and Neighbourhood Wardens. These charges will be phased in over two years.

HFTRA has worked with Hounslow Homes and the council in the delivery of these service charges. We have in the past put off introducing charges to tenants but now agree to go along with them. HFTRA has been involved in all stages of the consultation to ensure a workable solution could be reached. As these charges will affect everyone please contact the Hounslow Homes freephone number (0800 085 6575) if you have any enquiries.

I would also like to let everyone know that preparations for the annual HFTRA conference are well under way and I can confirm that this year’s event will be held on Saturday 10 May 2023 at the Renaissance Hotel Heathrow. More information will be in the next edition of Hounslow Homes News and I hope to see a record crowd at this year's event!

HFTRA Conference 2008

When: Saturday 10 May 2023

Where: Renaissance Hotel Heathrow

For more information contact Julie Brooker, 0794 8401 584

Julie Brooker

Chair of HFTRA

Improving communication

Hounslow Homes has produced a new procedure to improve the way we consult with residents on major building works and keep them informed during the project. The procedure has been agreed by the Hounslow Federation of Tenants' and Residents' Associations (HFTRA) and will make sure consistently high standards of communication are maintained.

An information booklet, giving an overview of the process, is currently being prepared for residents and a separate booklet will also be produced with additional information for leaseholders. Once printed, a copy of the Service Standards booklet will be delivered to all leaseholders. The booklets will also be available over the counter at our reception desks, from the Customer Service Centre on 0800 085 6575 and on this website.

Leaving on a jet plane?

The debate continues over the proposed Heathrow Airport expansion

The government is proposing three key changes that could lead to the capacity of Heathrow doubling in a decade:

• Replacing Runway Alternation with Mixed Mode

• Scrapping the Cranford Agreement

• Building a third runway and a sixth terminal

What is runway alternation?

It is the current runway system at Heathrow, in which one runway is used for landing and one for take-offs, with their roles switching at 3pm each day.

What is mixed mode?

This allows planes to land and take off on the same runway at the same time. It would enable Heathrow to increase its capacity by 60,000 planes a year overnight.

What is the Cranford agreement?

It is an agreement made in 1952 that prevents planes from taking-off over Cranford. Scrapping the Cranford agreement would allow the introduction of Mixed Mode, which would mean more planes.

Third runway?

If the runway is built and Mixed Mode introduced it would double Heathrow's capacity allowing it to handle over 150 million passengers a year, in comparison to 67 million passengers in 2007.

Heathrow expansion protest rally

The proposed third runway and sixth terminal at Heathrow is causing a stir and the 14-week public consultation is drawing to a close after it was launched on the 22 November 2007.

A protest rally will be held at:

Central Hall in Westminster

Monday 25 February at 7pm

For up to date information see https://www.hounslow.gov.uk/index/heathrow.htm

The government's consultation ends on Wednesday 27 February 2008.

Have your say before it is too late!

As part of the public consultation, the Department for Transport has delivered surveys to more than 70,000 households in the borough.

This is not the only way to have your say. The Council suggests 5 ways to register your views:

1.Fill out and return the Department for Transport's survey. You can order a copy free of charge at www.dft.gov.uk/heathrowconsultation, call 0845 600 4170, email heathrowconsultation@dft.gsi.gov.uk, or write to Heathrow Consultation, PO Box 236, Wetherby, LS23 7NB.

2.Register your support for the council's Say No campaign and keep up to date with the latest news on the consultation by joining the council's facebook page at www.hounslow.gov.uk/heathrow

3.Call the council's say NO answer phone and leave a message of support on 0208 583 5230.

4.Email your options to sayno@hounslow.gov.uk

5.Write to your local councillor at: Civic Centre, Lampton Road, Hounslow, TW3 4DN. Visit www.hounslow.gov.uk to find your local councillor. You can also write to your local Member of Parliament at the House of Commons.

Bidding for properties on Locata

Locata is the choice based lettings system used by Hounslow Homes to enable tenants requesting a transfer to bid for properties of their choice. It is the responsibility of registered transfer tenants to bid on properties advertised in Locata Home Magazine or via the internet using their unique Locata Identification number. Due to the high demand for social housing in Hounslow and the surrounding boroughs, Hounslow is having to adhere closely to its refusal policy.

As a result, we will no longer be able to bid for properties on your behalf. You are able to bid for free at any Hounslow library. You are also able to bid for properties by texting your bids to Locata or completing a coupon and posting it to Locata.

If you are a vulnerable tenant i.e. elderly and/or disabled, Hounslow Homes staff will bid on your behalf once you have completed a disclaimer form. This form will confirm the need for a member of staff to bid on your behalf and the reason for this. All other tenants will be expected to make their own bids.

In all cases, whether a tenant bids themselves or a bid is placed on their behalf, the London Borough of Hounslow refusals policy will apply. The fortnightly freesheet produced by Locata explains how to bid and you can find more information by visiting the Locata website at www.locata.org.uk.

Reminder to get on board

In April we are looking for two tenants (East area and Floating roles) to join the Hounslow Homes board.

Can anyone apply?

For the Floating position you must be a Hounslow Homes tenant but for the East area role you must live in that part of the Borough. For both positions you must also not be in breach of your tenancy agreement.

If you are interested please let us know by Friday 7 March 2008.

Contact: Jacqueline Mutibwa, Company Admin Manager, Hounslow Homes, St Catherine's House, 2 Hanworth Road, Feltham, Middx TW13 5AB. Tel: 020 8583 3974. E-mail: Jacqueline.mutibwa@hounslowhomes.org.uk

What happens next?

There will be an open event on Wednesday 19 March 2008, followed by a formal election for the vacancy. The successful candidates will take up office in May.

If you are interested in becoming a board member and would like more information, visit our Board Member Elections page.

Joint initiative closed crack house

A crack house in Hounslow has been closed down following a joint operation between Hounslow Homes and Heston Police Safer Neighbourhood Team.

The property in Convent Way was closed for three months from the 20th December 2007. Both Hounslow Homes and Police gathered information from residents who had complained about the drug dealing and suspicious persons loitering on the estate.

The closure order will allow Hounslow Homes to serve a notice of seeking possession and begin Court Proceedings to take back the first floor flat. Immediate repairs and refurbishment work will take place in the property.

Home contents insurance from 95 pence* a week!

*For tenants aged over 60 premiums start from just £0.64 per week

A special scheme for tenants of The London Borough of Hounslow (in association with Jardine Lloyd Thompson Tenant Risks) offers the following benefits with their contents insurance scheme:

•No security requirements

•Pay weekly alongside your rent

•No long term commitment - you literally 'pay as you go'

Sum Insured Weekly CostAnnual Cost






For more information please call Hounslow Homes finance administration on 020 8583 4060 or 020 8583 3792 or the Customer Service Centre on freephone: 0800 085 6575.

TPAS Contractor Accreditation

We are pleased to announce that Hounslow Homes Property Services has successfully achieved the Tenant Participation Advisory Services’ Contractor Accreditation award.

This three year award recognises our commitment to consult, involve and inform residents in relation to repairs and major works projects. We would like to thank all those residents who were involved in the consultation process.

Equalities Annual Report

Hounslow Homes has produced a summary report regarding the work undertaken last year to promote disability equality for all our staff and customers. Please contact the Equalities Team on 020 8583 3762 if you would like a copy of this report or further information regarding any of the disability equality work been undertaken by the organisation.

Equalties Annual Report

Move to a seaside or country home

Introducing the new scheme called seaside and country homes

Would you like to move to the country side or near the coast? are you a tenant aged 60 or over? 

The Seaside and Country Homes Scheme offers housing opportunities away from London for any household where at least one member is aged 60 or over. 

The scheme’s landlords manage approximately 3,200 bungalows and flats: Along the coast from Cornwall on the south west to Norfolk and Lincolnshire in the east; and, across the countryside from Dorset to Cambridgeshire.  These properties are specifically designed for older people and are ideal for those wishing for a less hectic pace of life.  The properties have either one or two bedrooms and are managed by local Housing Associations.  Priority is given to applicants who will free up the largest homes in accordance with local and national Government objectives.

How to apply

Application forms are available from the London Borough of Hounslow Rehousing Unit by calling 020 8583 3815 and from the Seaside and Country Homes office by calling 08450 21 20 20. To apply you must complete the application form which you then return to your Local Housing Office or to the Customer Service Centre. We will need to complete the landlords section of them form and 'nominate' you to go on the scheme. All applicants will be written to once assessment checks are complete.  Your applications will be refused if your household does not meet the eligibility criteria. 

If you are interested in knowing more about the scheme please log on to www.housingmoves.org or call the Seaside and Country Homes Team on 08450 21 20 20.

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Budget review update

You will be aware that Hounslow Homes has had to review its service delivery, following a substantial reduction in government funding. A vital part of this review involved sending a questionnaire to you all, asking how we could address this budget deficit.

You told us that rather than just cut services or just introduce service charges you would like us to achieve the best possible balance between the two. Even though our final plans will not be agreed until early next year, it is a possibility that we may now have to cut some posts.

Even though we will do everything possible to limit the number of compulsory redundancies, we have written to those staff who may be affected by the proposed changes. It is naturally a difficult time for them and we ask that you bear with us over the next couple of months.

Our priority of course remains, as ever, to provide you with an excellent service during this period. Please remember you can speak to Hounslow Homes staff at our neighbourhood offices and can call our usual freephone number: 0800 085 6575.

We will also regularly update you through Hounslow Homes News (HHN) and our website.

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We're keen to be green!-message from Alf Chandler

Hounslow Homes are committed to reducing our carbon footprint an making our homes environmentally friendly. A keen supporter of energy conversation, Hounslow Homes Chair Alf Chandler sends the following message to residents:

Dear resident,

Hounslow Homes has always been interested in energy matters and has a working group in place to offer sound advice on this issue. In recent years Council homes across the Borough have had energy-efficient fixtures installed such as: new doors and windows, loft and cavity wall insulation and central heating. All these improvements aim to keep heat in the house and are also designed to cut heating and lighting bills.

Tips to conserve energy and save money

1.Do not leave your mobile charger plugged in. Switching it off at the socket can save £4 per year.

2.Wash laundry at 30 degrees - this can save around £11 per year and reduces electricity consumption by around 41% (in an A- rated machine)

3.By turning down your thermostat by one degree you could save around £40 per year

4.Do not leave your television and accessories on standby - this could be costing you around £39 per year

5.Only use your dishwasher when it is full and save you around £13 a year

I hope that we can make savings together. Hounslow Homes are looking at saving money in our offices by adapting our lighting to cut pollution and costs.

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Locata Review

Locata, the choice based letting scheme, is under review as a result of concerns and complaints about the system raised by residents. Members of the Client and Partnerships Scrutiny Panel have set up a review into the choice-based lettings system in Hounslow (Locata) and the allocations policy.

For more information about the review or to share your views on Locata, visit the Hounslow Council website.

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For news information contact the communications team.

Call: 020 8583 4431

Email: communications.team@hounslowhomes.org.uk

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