Ex-Local Authority Properties

Ex-Local Properties for sale and Rent in London

a unique web site dedicated specifically to the ex-local authority property market in London. Through this site, buyers, sellers, landlords and tenants of ex-local authority properties in London can advertise their properties and/or search by criteria the growing database of ex-local authority properties currently available on the market.

The boom of ex-local authority properties over the last few years made us think about creating a web site dedicated especially to this sector of the property market was set up to provide useful information about all issues concerning ex-local authority homes and their transactions.

The main feature is the search facility - it is designed to meet the requirements of anyone considering buying or selling, letting or renting an ex-local authority property. Estate agents and individuals can easily publish their own adverts.

There is a lot of information about Right to Buy, investment in ex-local authority properties, conveyancing, insurance, moving home and home improvements.

While ex-council properties in good locations offer high returns to buy-to-rent property investors through rents, the actual property value growth is likely to be somewhat lower than could be expected from similar properties.

For as long as business transactions have been recorded, the buying and selling of property has been considered a good investment. Although there are never any guarantees, for those with a keen eye for business, investing in property can yield huge returns on capital on long-term investments, with buy-to-let being a popular option amongst property investors.

When the conservative government introduced the Right to Buy scheme of 1980, numerous tenants bought their property with a view to re-selling for profit and attracted canny buy-to-let property investors to ex-local authority properties. 3 Bedroom House.