Plantation shutters are a beautiful design feature for homes of any style, including modern aesthetic styles and traditional looks. Plantation shutters can be made from aluminium which is ideal for patios, carports, decking, windows and doors. These high-quality, durable, yet low maintenance shutters are the perfect addition to any home in Sydney. Modern uses.

Space is the biggest factor in any property, which is why aluminium shutters have been designed to allow you to extend your living area into the outside, whilst still maintaining a comfortable and controlled living environment.

The correct use of plantation blinds can extend your floor space by giving you more shade, privacy and security. Shop your for aluminium plantation shutters online.

Benefits of Plantation Blinds

  1. Variety & Versatility

Aluminium plantation blinds can be used for indoor and outdoor applications. Also, they have a powder-coating finish in hundreds of colours, as well as being customised to any window or glass door.

  1. Protection

Shutters protect the room from excess heat, sun, wind and cold which helps to protect furniture and carpets. Also, as outdoor shutters are permanent, you won’t have to install plywood on the windows before a storm arrives. These shutters are highly durable so they provide the ultimate safety in all weather climates.

  1. Light Control

Any shutter can be adjusted to allow however much sunlight you want in that room. You can do this even when the blinds are closed.

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