Crime in South West London

Police are asking residents in South London for their latest opinions on community safety where they live. The South West Safer Neighbourhoods team is holding its latest community forum in the Memorial Hall on Avenue Road in South London this Friday, June 25, 2019, from 7.00pm. The forum’s purpose is to update members of the […]

4 Easy Steps to a Cleaner Bathroom

Cleaning the bathroom and toilet is probably high on the list of household chores that people hate to do, so today we will take a look at how quickly and easily this part of the home can be kept clean. De-scale the shower head: submerge it in a bag of vinegar overnight, rinse out in […]

“Right to buy” Properties in London

Ex-Local Authority Properties Ex-Local Properties for sale and Rent in London a unique web site dedicated specifically to the ex-local authority property market in London. Through this site, buyers, sellers, landlords and tenants of ex-local authority properties in London can advertise their properties and/or search by criteria the growing database of ex-local authority properties currently […]