Tenants renting a property can be sure they will receive a high quality and dependable service. We understand that everyone has different reasons for choosing to rent and we aim to ensure your tenancy runs as smoothly as possible for its duration.

There are tenancies for a range of circumstances including:

  • Individual properties
  • Co-sharing
  • Room lets
  • Military personnel
  • Corporate relocation

If you are looking for a property and can meet the criteria below please contact us to see if we can match your property requirements to our portfolio.

  • Anyone over the age of 18 will be named on the tenancy
  • At least one party from two applicants must be in full-time employment or be contractually due to commence full-time employment, lasting the duration of the intended initial tenancy
  • If you are self-employed, you must be able to demonstrate income and be able to provide three years trading accounts
  • Your sole or joint incomes must equal, or surpass, 2.5 times the annual rental value (If your employer provides expense allowances to cover rent please make us aware of this)
  • You should have no County Court Judgements for debt against you, your partner or any co-sharers
  • If you are currently renting, you should be able to demonstrate at least 6 consecutive months rental payments on time and without fail
  • You and any co-sharers should be non-smokers (or be prepared to smoke only outside the property)
  • If you have pets, you need to advise us before reserving a property in order for us to gain agreement with the Landlord
  • For corporate lets, most established PLC / Ltd companies or large organisations will meet our criteria providing three years trading records are available at companies house and satisfactory accountants references are forthcoming

Unfortunately, we are unable to accept the following in respect of rental payments or as part of income considerations:

  • Housing benefit or social security payments
  • Council assisted deposit schemes

Tenant obligations

Tenants have certain responsibilities to help ensure your tenancy is trouble-free.

Read: Landlord and tenant responsibilities for repairs - Shelter England

You are obliged to use the property in a ‘tenant-like manner’ as defined in the tenancy agreement. That is to say, it is your responsibility to ensure the property is always secured, that the property is in a clean condition and gardens (if any) are neat and weed free.

You are required to treat the property and its surroundings with care; this includes consideration to neighbors over issues such as noise etc. During the colder months please ensure adequate measures are taken to prevent pipes for the water and heating systems freezing.

As a tenant, you are responsible for the repair of any damage or dilapidation that may be attributable to you, your family or your guests misuse/neglect. You must communicate with us about property damage or maintenance issues promptly and in full.

However, for issues such as burst pipes and leaks, it is your job as a tenant to take care of issues like or similar to these. You would have to look into hiring a company who specialises in the area or service you need. For burst pipes, Zambezi Plumbing is committed to providing you the best service possible. They use the latest advanced digital leak detection equipment which locates the tiniest pinhole leaks quickly.

Tenants are not responsible for reasonable wear and tear due to the natural aging of the fabric or contents of the property.

Our duty to you

Before you move into the property for the agreed rental period, we will have the property cleared by a waste specialist and cleaned by a local cleaning company.

This way, you will be sure to arrive at a property that is ready for your furniture.

Who do we use?

Depending on the location of the property will depend on what agencies we use. However, the 2 listed below are the most frequently used companies.

  1. Diamond Waste for all waste removal services in London
  2. Cocoon Your Home for professional cleaning