Not many people enjoy doing the cleaning at the best of times, so it makes sense to utilise the services of professional cleaners, especially on those occasions when time is of the essence.

Saves You Time

To many workers, time is a commodity that always seems to be in short supply and the busy work schedules many people have, leave little time for the other areas of life such as socialising, domestic chores and relaxation.

A survey by Rug Doctor found that 32% of homeowners do the minimum cleaning required in the home and this is more than likely due to a lack of time rather than anything else. Doing the minimum cleaning required does not give the impression of a thoroughly clean property (which is something most landlords expect to see at the end of a tenancy).

If you have not been taking the time to clean thoroughly during your tenancy the chances are pretty high that the accumulated dirt and grime in those hidden areas around the home, will demand a lot your time and energy when your tenancy comes to an end.

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The deep cleaning that it takes to get a property looking spic and span requires a good deal of effort so it is unlikely that this hard work is something that you would like to add to the hassle and stress of moving day.

Hiring the services of a cleaning company allows you to concentrate your efforts on other things and more importantly it ensures that a first-class cleaning job is done, which in turn guarantees landlord satisfaction and your deposit back. See what services are covered.

Many companies that provide vacate / end of tenancy cleaning services have professionally trained staff and all the necessary specialist products and materials needed to ensure that the cleaning of your premises is done quickly and efficiently.

Professional carpet cleaning, thoroughly cleaned bathrooms and kitchens are just some of the requirements that landlords insist on, before handing over that deposit so save yourself the time, effort and hassle by calling in the professionals.

Who We Recommend

Di’s Cleaning Services provide professional end of tenancy cleaning in Brisbane, as well as many other local areas. Visit to find out more about their commercial and vacate services that are tailored to their client’s exact needs.

Di’s Cleaning Services has been established for over 20 years and with over 13 dedicated staff, their teams provides exceptional professional cleaning services with a personal touch.