Have you noticed bites on your body after you have slept? Found any dropping in the corners of your rooms? Is there a funny smell coming from a room?

These are signs that you have some sort of pest infestation in your home. If so, we recommend contacting a local pest expert as they are able to inspect your home for any pests that may be living there.

London Pest Control Services

Are you based in London? Do you have pests at your property? There is nobody better than Pest Exterminators.

These London pest control technicians have been offering a friendly, expert service for over a decade. The pest control expertise in their field management team currently has over 100 years worth of knowledge which means there is very little we can’t solve involving urban pest issues.

Their commercial pest control clients range from residential, High Street retail, multi-tenanted office blocks, warehouses and public buildings.

To assess what is the best solution to effectively and safely look after your property:

  • Pest controllers are all British Pest Control Association (BPCA) diploma qualified
  • Pest control Managers are health & safety qualified to NEBOSH or IOSH Level
  • All staff are also kept abreast of regular Industry updates to ensure that they work to the very latest methods and legislation.
  • All field staff are CRB checked to provide you with extra peace of mind

As a specialist pest control Company covering London, they are particular experts on urban pests that are found in cities.

Pest Exterminators have the in-house skills and experience to respond to anything from a domestic wasp nest through to comprehensive service to a Global Office Headquarters.

Natural pest control is based on harnessing natures little predators rather than chemical to get rid of unwanted garden pests. Find out more.

These are known as nematodes and are microscopic worms which feed on the target pest but do no damage to other wildlife or aspects of the ecosystem. They are completely safe to use and simple to administer.