Gas Saftey Checks

When one of our properties is empty and waiting to be let, the central heating system/gas supply is shut off until a gas safety check has been completed.

You will need to book an appointment for a final gas safety check to be carried out. Gas safety checks cannot be carried out until after the actual start date of your new tenancy. Before you move into your new home, you will also need to arrange your gas service supplier and or key meter.

These checks are important - they ensure that the heating system is safe and working correctly. We also check that the supply to the property (including to your cooking facilities) is safe for use.

Until you have arranged your gas supply and the safety check has been completed you will not have heating, hot water (or cooking facilities if you are using gas) to your home.

If you are a new tenant and need to book and appointment for a final gas check, please contact our contractor T Browns on freephone 0800 634 9434. If you have any questions regarding final gas checks, please contact the Customer Service Centre on freephone 0800 085 65 75.