Data Protection

About the Data Protection Act

Under the act, you have a general right to see the personal information that we have on you. These rights are known as 'subject access rights'.

You also have the right to get information on central government departments and their agencies, as well as many other public bodies under the 'Code Of Practice On Access To Government Information. You can get more information about the code from your local library, the Citizens Advice Bureau or the Lord Chancellors Office on 020 7273 3602.

Requesting information under the Act

We have information about our customers on paper and on computer. If you want to find out what information we hold about you, you need to make a request in writing to:

The Data Protection Manager

St Catherine's House

2 Hanworth Road



TW13 5AB

You will need to tell us your full name and address and any reference number that will help us identify you. Please tell us as much as you can about the information you think we have about you and where you think it may be held. This will help us find your information quicker. There is an administration charge of £10 that you will need to send or hand in with your letter. Payment can be made by cheque payable to Hounslow Homes.

You can send in your request or hand it in to your local housing office, where you will be given a receipt. Make sure you have kept a copy of your letter and any other documents you send.

We will send you a letter confirming that we have received your request and we will respond to you in full within 40 days. We may ask you for more information or the fee if you have not already paid it.

We will send you a paper copy of the information we hold about you at this time and explain any information you may not understand.

Please note: We may not be able to give you all the information you ask for if giving the information is against the law. If this happens we will write to you to let you know and explain to you the reasons why we have to withhold the information.

For more information about getting information under the act, see our leaflet 'The Data Protection Act - a brief guide'