Fixtures and fittings

We are responsible for making sure that the fixtures and fittings in your home are in good working order.

The previous tenant would be asked to remove any carpets or flooring that are not standard to the property. In some instances, we may decide to leave them if they are in good condition and make a note of this. We are not responsible for their upkeep or replacement. We are also not responsible for any fixtures or fittings changed by the previous tenant such as light fittings. If these fittings need to be replaced, we will change them for our own standard fittings.

If any carpets or laminated flooring needs to be removed so that we can carry out essential repair works, we are not responsible for replacing them. If a replacement is appropriate, standard Hounslow Homes materials will be used.

If you have any queries about fittings in your new home, please speak to the estate manager arranging your tenancy, or contact the Customer Service Centre 0800 085 65 75