Decoration Allowance

We will give you a decoration allowance if the property has not been recently decorated, however, if you have rent arrears on your account, the allowance will be used to pay off some of your arrears.

You will receive your allowance up to six weeks after the start of your tenancy. The payment is usually made to you by cheque.

In exceptional circumstances, such as you are disabled or elderly and have no younger or able-bodied member of the household who can help, we will decorate the property for you.

A scheme called ‘Rota decs’ is also available to disabled or elderly persons over 60. Decoration is carried out on a 6 year rotation. When it is your turn to have decoration carried out, we will inform you in writing. You will be asked which two rooms be you would like decorated and to pick out the colours or wallpaper of your choice.

For more information about these schemes, please contact the Customer Service Centre on 0800 085 65 75