Gas Servicing

Under the Gas Safety (installation and use) Regulations 1998, it is our statutory duty as landlord to ensure your health and safety by checking and servicing all landlord owned gas appliances for example the heating system, once a year.

The contractors we use to service and maintain your heating system will write to you once a year to let you know when they will be visiting to carry out a service.

You must be available for the heating engineer to carry out the service. If you cannot make the appointment you have been given, contact the contractor (their contact information will be on the letter you receive) and rearrange the appointment.

This service is vitally important for your safety and ensures that your appliances are working properly. Failure to allow access will leave us with no choice but to seek to remedy the situation through the courts under the terms of your tenancy agreement. This could result in costs of up to £500 being charged to you. Any non-emergency repairs may also be refused or cancelled until the service has been carried out.

Further information on gas servicing can be found in your copy of the Tenants Handbook or the Reporting your repairs handbook.

New tenants

Before you move into your home, we will ask the gas company to carry out a safety check.

See the gas safety check page for more information.