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Download some of our application forms here, from applying to a transfer to renting a garage.

You can ask us questions about any of the forms on this page by contacting the Customer Service Centre on free phone 0800 085 65 75 or e-mail your request to You can also visit your local housing office to pick up forms.

Make sure you have checked what documentation we need from you to make the changes you have asked for. Without the right documents, we won't be able to carry out your request.

This page has many Adobe PDF links. To view these you will need the Adobe Acrobat Reader. The reader can be downloaded free of charge from the Acrobat Reader download page

Change of Tenancy or Occupancy Form

To request a change to your Tenancy Agreement, you will need to complete a 'Change of Tenancy or Occupancy' form. Examples of why you need to make the change include:

  • You wish to change the tenancy from sole to joint, because you have married, or a partner is now living with you and you want to become joint tenants,
  • One of the joint tenants has left the property permanently, or passed away.
  • You have changed your name by deed poll or marriage including Civil Partnerships

You will need to provide the right documentation with your form. Depending on the reason you want to carry out a transfer of tenancy, you will need to provide us with:

  • A copy of the death certificate if a tenant has died
  • A copy of your marriage certificate (to change your name on your tenancy or to change the tenancy from sole to joint)
  • At least 12 months proof of residency, e.g. copies of council tax/household bills or DSS letters (to change the tenancy from sole to joint) please note that we do not require 12 months proof of occupancy if you wish to add your spouse or civil partner as a joint tenant.
  • A copy of the certificate if you have changed your name by deed poll
  • A copy of your decree nisi/court order of the tenancy has been awarded to one tenant by the court

You will also need to come and see your Estate Manager in person at your local housing reception to discuss the changes you want to make.

You should always let us know if there are any changes to your household - see also Change of Circumstances.

Termination of Tenancy form

This form can be used if you are ending the tenancy on a property or garage you rent from us. You must give at least 4 weeks notice that you are ending your tenancy on the property.

You must also provide us with your new address or your address if you are the next of kin acting on behalf of the tenant.

You should clear any arrears you may have on any current or former rent accounts. We will actively pursue any outstanding arrears on a former tenancy if you have not paid your account up to date.

Please make sure you provide any relevant documents.

Other useful links for information on ending your tenancy

Ending a Tenancy


Ending a tenancy, Frequently Asked Questions

Incentives to move

Mutual Exchange form

If you have found a partner to exchange properties with, you must complete the Mutual Exchange form. Even if both of you are Hounslow Homes tenants, you both need to complete a form and get permission from us before you can move.

If your exchange partner has a different landlord, they must get a form from their landlord to complete. Once the forms have been returned, the landlords will contact each other.

For important information on mutual exchange, we strongly recommend you visit the Mutual Exchange page.

If you have further questions about mutual exchange, contact the Customer Service Centre on 0800 085 65 75 or visit your local housing reception for advice.

Other useful information on mutual exchange can be found by visiting:


Moving Options

Application to rent a garage

You can apply to rent a garage from us if you are a tenant, leaseholder or even a private resident of Hounslow. For further information on renting a garage from us, visit the Rent a Garage page.

You will need to provide us with copies of any relevant documentation, such as:

  • A copy of your vehicle registration document, sometimes known as the V5C or 'log book'.
  • A copy of your blue badge if you are registered disabled

Please note that garages can only be used for the storage of motorised vehicles. You cannot rent a garage if you are a council tenant and in arrears. For more information and lists of available areas see the Rent a Garage page.

Change to tenancy or occupancy details

You must complete this form if there has been any change to your household. Changes could be:

  • You have had a baby or other children are coming to live with you
  • You are adding a wife/husband or partner who is now living with you
  • You want to add other occupants to the household
  • You want to remove occupants that have left the household

Always tell us if there has been a change in your household. If you apply to transfer from one property to another or to exchange properties, the wrong information about the number of people living in your home could affect your application, if we have not been told about any changes.

Your application will be delayed if you do not complete and return this form to us. We may also carry out a tenancy check to confirm who is living in your home.

For more information, see also 'Change of circumstances' page.

Seaside and country homes scheme

Seaside and Country Homes is a housing mobility scheme that offers tenants living in council or housing association properties, the opportunity to move home to the coast or contryside. The scheme gives priority to those tenants downsizing from a larger home to a smaller property.

To be eligible for the scheme the main applicant in your household (the tenancy holder) should be aged 60 or over. Higher preference is given to persons who will be giving up the largest accomodation and a move is not guarenteed. You must have your application agreed by your Estate Manager and your personal circumstances will be considered.

For further information you can also download the following documents:

Property list - list of available areas and property types

Additional notes about the scheme

or visit the Housing Moves website

Garden Maintenance Application Form

This scheme provides a very basic gardening provision to tenants that need assistance to help them maintain their garden, have no one else who can do it for them, either living with them or in the nearby area and cannot afford to employ a private contractor/gardener.

This is a limited scheme that is only open to those with the severest need, therefore if you meet the criteria above your application will be considered.

Please note that the maintenance consists of grass cutting and some light pruning only. You may be placed on a waiting list if there are no places available in your area for the scheme.

For more information, see also Your Garden

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