Ending a Tenancy

If you want to end your tenancy, you must give us at least 4 weeks notice in writing. Please remember that tenancies end on a Sunday.

We will need to know:

  • the date you will be leaving
  • your forwarding address
  • a contact phone number if possible including mobile numbers
  • the reason for your move

There is a termination form for you to complete - you can request a form by ringing our Customer Service Centre on 0800 085 6575, or by visiting your Local Housing Office. Alternatively you can download a form to complete.

Once we have received your completed Termination Notice we will:

  • check your Termination form to ensure it is legally valid and fully completed
  • carry out a home visit at a date and time agreed with you
  • tell you about any work you need to do (or pay for if you do not do it yourself)
  • advise you on what to do before leaving; for example, notifying all your main suppliers and the Post Office of your move and your forwarding address
  • tell you how to dispose of any unwanted belongings or rubbish before you leave the property and that you must leave the property clean and tidy

Please note that if you do not hand in your keys by Monday midday after the Sunday on which your tenancy ends, you will be charged an extra week’s rent for each week, or part of the week, that the keys are not returned.

We will charge you for any damage done to the property during your tenancy.

Your rent account should be clear when your tenancy ends. If you owe any rent, please contact us to arrange payment. If you cannot clear your account in full, we will expect you to make an agreement to pay us by installments at a rate that you can afford. If you do not do this and keep to any arrangement made, you may find it difficult to get another Council property in the future and we may have to instruct tracing agents to recover the debt.

You can now notify agencies and services of your move online. This service, provided by iammoving.com, means you can tell people about your move 24 hours a day, seven days a week. To use this service simply visit their website and follow the instructions.

Further information about ending a joint tenancy

If you are a joint tenant the whole tenancy will end if one joint tenant terminates, and everyone in the household will be expected to move.

If one of the joint tenants wishes to remain we will decide whether any extenuating circumstances apply. If so, we may consider creating a new tenancy for them in the same or another property. We will not do this if the tenant who is leaving has been forced from their home by the actions of the remaining tenant, for example by Domestic Violence.

You may not have an automatic right to continue living in the property if a fellow joint tenant decides to end the tenancy or dies.

|What will happen to your tenancy if your relationship breaks down

If you are the tenant, do not give up your tenancy without taking advice first. Your partner can only make you leave your home if they get a court order, whether or not you have a joint tenancy. The court will look at all your and your partner’s circumstances including the arrangements for any children.

|Ending a tenancy if the tenant dies

We recognise that this will be a difficult time for the family and we will work closely with them all to help as much as possible.

If the deceased tenant had not succeeded to their tenancy it may be possible for a family member who was living with them to take the tenancy over, although they may have to move to more suitable accommodation, e.g. if the property is larger than they need.

If there is no-one claiming succession, the next of kin or the Executor / Administrator must give 4 weeks’ written notice to end the tenancy. A form may be downloaded, or requested from the Customer Service Centre or a local Housing Office.

Although we ask for 4 weeks’ notice, we will end the tenancy sooner, as long as the property is cleared of all contents and left clean and tidy. It is important to return the keys by midday on a Monday, or the tenancy will not end until the following Sunday.

If housing benefit was being paid, this will stop on the Monday after the tenant died and the full rent will be payable until we receive the keys and can end the tenancy.

If any rent is due or other charges are payable, we will inform the Executor of the Will or Administrator of the estate and ask them to pay the amount owed out of any money left behind.


Please note that there are no exceptions and should there be any reason why you think you cannot comply with the above process you should contact us immediately. If you are acting on behalf of a tenant e.g. you are an executor or representative for a family member you must let us know if there are any circumstances that need we need to know about. Contact us for information and advice on what to do if you are acting as exectutor for a tenant.

If you have any questions about ending your tenancy or need further advice, please contact the Customer Service Centre on 0800 085 65 75 email to customerservicecentre@hounslowhomes.org.uk or visit your local housing reception.