Cash Incentives for outgoing tenants

We offer our vacating tenants a cash incentive of £100 for giving us at least 4 weeks notice and for leaving the property in a clean and tidy condition. Any tenant vacating social housing and moving to the private sector and giving the correct notice is eligible to apply for this payment.

The scheme is not available if you are transferring to another council or Housing Association property.

Payment is made after you have vacated and the property has been inspected.

To qualify, you must have done the following before leaving the property:

Requested to be considered for the scheme when giving 4 weeks notice to the Customer Service Centre advising us you are moving

Made an appointment for an inspector to visit during the first week of the notice period

  • Left the property in a good/clean condition
  • Removed all furniture and belongings from the property
  • Cleared all rubbish from inside the property (and the garden if you have one)
  • Ensured the property is free from damage
  • Made any repairs or reinstatements recommended by the inspector
  • An appointment should be made with the Inspector on the day you are leaving to hand him the keys after his final check

If you have rent arrears when you leave the property, the payment will be offset against those arrears.

Payment is made around 5 working days later. If you do not qualify for the payment we will write to you and let you know.

If you are waiting for a payment or have an enquiry, contact the Customer Service Centre on 0800 085 65 77.

Only tenancies that are ended with the correct four-weeks notice being given by the tenant and where the tenant is leaving social housing for the private sector are eligible for the Incentive Scheme. The scheme is not presently available for transferring tenants or on the death of a tenant.