Moving to Sheltered Housing

Ever thought about moving to sheltered accommodation?

Recently, Mrs West moved into sheltered accommodation from her family home. We spoke to her about moving into Lavender Court, sheltered accommodation.

As I arrive at Lavender Court I am greeted with a smile. I am here to have a chat with one of the newer residents Mrs Gladys West, who recently moved from her family home in Viola Avenue to the Lavender Court Sheltered Unit. Gladis grew up in Hayes but moved to Feltham when she was fifteen.

At the age of 18 she married her sweetheart, who she met at the army barracks in Hounslow.

At the age of 90 Gladys was becoming aware the two bedroom house, which had stairs and a garden, had become too much for her to look after. ‘The stairs in my old home were an accident waiting to happen. I also feel a lot safer in my new house because there are always other residents and staff around and the building is secure’.

Moving to the one bedroom flat at Lavender Court has meant Gladys is able to join in with the other residents, taking part in organised activities that are on offer and are optional to all. ‘The Easter party was great fun with so much food and the other residents make me laugh. They were telling me that the Christmas party is even better.’

After living for most of her life under the flight path her new house is a lot quieter, which includes less street noise.

‘I had my doubts at first moving from my family home. I still have a few boxes to unpack but I am settling in just fine. The staff here are friendly and were a great help with moving and making sure I was OK, ‘ said Gladys.

Hounslow Homes’ Enabling and Independent Living Support Officer, Sadhna Mann, helped Gladys with her move into Lavender Court. ‘My role is to talk to our older residents to work out what is the best living arrangements for them and this can include moving into sheltered accommodation.’

Sheltered accommodation is available for the over 60s who want to remain independent but have assistance if and when they need it. Many families worry about their older relatives, and sheltered accommodation provides that reassurance. There is an alarm system to alert staff of an emergency and regular visits are made to ensure residents are all well.

Who to talk to about moving into sheltered accommodation

Hounslow Homes have appointed an Enabling and Independent Living Support Officer to support Hounslow Homes ' vulnerable ' tenants, who include the elderly, young adults, children leaving care, domestic violence victims, those with mental health or learning disabilities and physical disabilities.

Some areas of support include referrals to Social Services, assistance with housing matters, transfers into sheltered accommodation, or alternative accommodation and advice on welfare benefits.

To contact Hounslow Homes’ Enabling and Independent Living Support Officer Hounslow Homes call the free number on 0800 085 6575 or drop in to St Catherine's House, 2 Hanworth Road, Feltham TW13 5AB.