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If you are thinking of moving out of your current property or Hounslow there are some schemes that could help you with your move.

Mutual Exchange - swap your home with another tenant

Seaside and Country Homes

Lawn Scheme

Mutual Exchange

If you are the secure tenant of a council or housing association property (or any other registered social landlord) you may be able to do a 'Mutual Exchange'. Mutual Exchange is where you swap homes with another tenant. Sometimes more than two housholds can exchange at any one time.

  • You can find someone to exchange with by:
  • Registering your details with an exchange scheme such as ·Homeswapper
  • Advertising locally in places such as libraries, post offices/shops and community centres. You can also advertise in the areas you would like to move to
  • Word of mouth

If you find an exchange partner you must not exchange properties until you have both landlords permission. You will need to complete an application form which you can pick up from your local housing office or request by calling the Customer Service Centre on 0800 085 65 75. Your exchange partner will also need to complete a form which they must obtain from their landlord.

Once received, your Estate Manager will process your application and will work with your exchange partner's landlord to make sure that the properties are suitable for both parties needs, i.e. there is no overcrowding or underoccupation. We will also look at any other relevant information we have before making a decision.

For example, you may be refused an exchange if:

  • You or your exchange partner's property is under notice of seeking possession or legal proceedings have begun.
  • You or your exchange partner has rent arrears or another breach of tenancy conditions. (Arrears or breaches must be resolved before the exchange can be allowed).
  • You or your exchange partner do not have a secure tenancy
  • The other landlord is a charity and the swap would not fit in with their aims
  • The other landlord lets property to people with particular needs that would not be applicable to you as a tenant.
  • The property is much too large or too small for either of your needs.

We will process your application and let you know within 42 calendar days if your application has been successful. If we refuse your application we will let you know why in writing.

Important information for tenants thinking of exchange

  • When you find someone to exchange homes with you must get written agreement from BOTH landlords
  • It is illegal to swap without permission, or to give money payment or goods to the other tenant to secure a swap. If that happens, action will be taken and you may be evicted or face a fine.
  • The tenant you exchange with must accept the property in its present condition, including all fixtures and fittings.
  • We will not redecorate when your exchange partner moves in or provide an allowance towards redecorating.
  • We will not carry out any repairs, except unforeseen responsive or emergency repairs for the first six months after the swap.
  • No assistance will be given by either landlord in relation to moving expenses. The DSS may be able to help if either you or your exchange partner is on income support.

If you have any other questions please contact the Customer Service Centre on 0800 085 65 75.

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Seaside and Country Homes

The Seaside and Country Homes scheme has properties available in the south east and south west of England and in Norfolk and Licolnshire.

Properties are either on the coast or in the countryside and are bungalows or one-two bedroom flats. Pets are welcome at most properties and rents are reasonable. Successful applicants are given a secure tenancy.

To be eligible for the scheme the main applicant in your household (the tenancy holder) should be aged 60 or over. Higher preference is given to persons who will be giving up the largest accomodation. You must have your application agreed by your Estate Manager and your personal circumstances will be considered.

If you are considering this option you can contact the Seaside and Country Homes Office on 0845 21 20 20 for an application form. Complete the form which must be passed to your Estate Manager for your application to be checked, agreed and signed.

Your fully completed application should be returned to

Seaside and Country Homes 1st Floor • 242 Vauxhall Bridge Road • London SW1V 1AU

Lawn Scheme

The Lawn scheme provides you with the opportunity to move far out of London to the Midlands and beyond. Many participating landlords are able to assist quite quickly but please remember if you move a long distance away and find you don’t like it, you may have considerable difficulty in moving back!

This scheme continues to be popular, so some landlords have their own waiting lists and you may need to be patient to move to your area of choice.

For more information visit housingmoves.org or call 0845 21 20 20

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