Sutton Lane Residents Association

News from the Annual General Meeting

The Annual General Meeting was held on September 30 2008.

There have been two estate inspections since the last AGM. As a result of these inspections we have seen holes in roads filled in, the roundabout kerbstones tidied up, kerbside weeds removed and rubbish cleared. Unfortunately, some of these areas are being an issue again, but the association are pursuing this, along with the cutting back of shrubs in the John Street Alley and repairs to fencing in this area.

Fouling by dogs has become an increasing problem, however, it is hoped that “Clear it up” stencilling will make dog owners behave more responsibly. More stencils will be coming soon.

Members of the committee attend Forum and HFTRA (Hounslow Federation of Tenants and Residents Associations) meetings when they occur. As a result of this a bid has been approved for shrubs to be planted on the roundabout. The Rainbow Project was named by one of our committee members.

Communal parks and grounds

Wesley Avenue Park has been divided in two since last November and “Tube Lines” have been working on the embankment. The work has now been completed and we are waiting for an update on the next phase. We are also aware that the park is in need of new play equipment for the children.

Five notice boards have been erected around the estate by Hounslow Homes. They have been very useful for the association to display notices of events and other information. Keep an eye on the notice boards as it is hoped that weekend football, cricket and a youth club will be set up in the near future.

A plant nursery is being set up by Ricky and his team, on the newly cleared allotments, off Kingswood Avenue.

Community Centre

The community centre has been booked for parties on a regular basis over the past year. A cooker was donated by a resident and a barbeque built in the grounds with bricks donated by another resident. Twelve new tables have been bought with grant funding, and the very old chairs will be the next items to be replaced.

“Nia Keep Fit” is still meeting every week, some new people have been attending but more new faces would be great!

“Tiny Talk UK” ran a successful course earlier in the year, and a 6-week cake decorating course was held last November. We also held a Harvest Supper, with dishes to share being brought along and pumpkins grown in the grounds were raffled.

The Tea and Cakes mornings are still being held the last Friday of every month, we are looking for more attendees to enjoy the tea, cake and chat!

Gardening Club

The gardening club have gone from strength to strength, not only have members been almost self sufficient with vegetables this year, but they also celebrated a win in the Hounslow Homes Garden Competition 2008, for the most improved community garden, which followed the “Highly Commended” award they won last year.

The prize money will go towards funding an entrance arch and setting up a conservation area at the far end of the field, which the local school are interested in using as part of their science and environmental studies.

Clear Up weekend in April

Unfortunately, the clear up weekend was not as successful as we had hoped. Our aim was to clear the whole field of fly tipped rubbish and cut back all the long grass. However, since the donation of a mower, one third of the field has been kept tidy and the grass has been cut weekly. We have acquired a garden shed since the closure of Passingham House, a garden bench and six comfortable arm chairs.

Lampton Park Event

Members of the committee and volunteers had a very enjoyable and successful day on September 20 at Lampton Park. There was a Sutton Lane Residents Association stall for “Peace Day”, selling homemade cakes and bric-a-brac. £120 was made for the association.

Get involved – your support needed!

Please continue to give us your support. We would like to see more of you dropping in when the centre is open and attending the events.

If you have any ideas how the community centre could be used or for further information, contact 07833 565329.

Contact Information

Chair - Imelda O’Shaughnessy

Secretary – Jane Oxley

Telephone: 07833 565329

Address: Sutton Lane Community Centre 14-16 Moulton Avenue, Hounslow