Concierge Service


Concierge services provide security, surveillance and support and advice to residents living in tower blocks. Concierges monitor all visitors to the building, making sure that only people who have a legitimate reason to come into the building are allowed in.

Concierges help protect responsible residents by gathering evidence to help police and estate management stop anti-social behaviour from tenants, their families or visitors.


Using close circuit television equipment (CCTV) concierges can keep a check on both your building and its surrounding area. Often it is possible to use CCTV equipment to identify when a crime is being carried out and who the perpetrators are, and to provide evidence in court.

Support and advice

Concierges can help you with reporting and following up repairs, as well as give guidance and information on the council services you need.

The concierge service also helps support the independence of vulnerable people, such as the frail elderly.

The concierge service operates on:

The Ivybridge Estate:

  • Easedale House

The Brentford Towers Estate

  • Cornish House

The Highfields Estate

  • Belvedere House

The Heston Farm Estate

  • Fenton House