Community Cohesion

Promoting Community Cohesion

As part of Hounslow Homes 'building sustainable communities' aim, the organisation promotes the creation of cohesive communities.

Community cohesion exists where:

  • there is common vision and a sense of belonging for all communities
  • the diversity of people’s different background & circumstances is appreciated and positively valued
  • those from different backgrounds have similar life opportunities and
  • strong and positive relationships are being developed between people from different backgrounds in the workplace, in schools and within neighbourhoods]

Nationally 80% of people feel that people from different backgrounds get on well together, however this falls to 64% on council estates in Hounslow. The challenge is therefore for Hounslow Homes to help transform its many communities into strong cohesive communities, so that people from different backgrounds get on well together and live peacefully in their neighbourhoods. To help do this Hounslow Homes has been taking specific action since 2004 to build cohesive communities.

We are working with Hounslow Council & partners to look at how to implement the recommendations arising from a study (A Window on Extremism). The study looked into the underlying causes of youth disengagement from mainstream society and support of extremist views & organisation (far right & religious) in Hounslow. The recommendations as a result of the study have been incorporated into the Cohesion and Extremism Action plan 2008/11. Other information regarding Hounslow Council and its work to promote community cohesion can be downloaded on the Hounslow Council website.

Please contact Neghet Khan on 020 8583 4011 or e-mail to if you would like more information regarding the work being undertaken by Hounslow Homes to promote community cohesion.