Digital retuning

Wed, 23 September 2023

On 30 September 2009, television channels are moving their position. You will be unable to view channels that are moved until your equipment has been retuned. The moving of the channels will only affect people that use digital receivers (Freeview, Freeview plus, digital TV recorders and digital TV’s) to view these channels and will be effective from 12 noon on the 30th September 2009.

What to do next

You will need to re-tune your equipment (any Freeview, Freeview plus boxes, digital TV recorders and digital TV’s ). Most people will find retuning their Freeview equipment straightforward, however, more infomation and assistance is available online from . A video demonstration of how to retune your equipment is available on the web site.

You can also call 08456 05 11 22 for assistance and information -this service is available between the hours of 8am-10pm Monday to Friday and 10am to 8pm at weekends. Please note that the retuning of any equipment is your responsibility and Hounslow Homes Repairs Service will not be able to assist you. Please call the helpline number provided should you have a problem retuning your freeview box or digital TV.

Please do not retune your equipment before 30th September 2009.

What to expect

  • You will lose some TV channels if you do not retune your equipment.
  • Some channels will be in new positions on the on-screen guide.Some viewers will not be able to receive ITV3 and ITV 4. More people will be able to receive Channel 5.
  • A new channel called Quest will be available on Channel 38 on Freeview.
  • BBC Radio stations will be affected in 5% of UK homes that have already gone through the digital switchover.
  • The community channel will no longer be available on Freeview in areas that have already gone through the switchover.

There is an updated channel list, effective from 30 September 2023 and it is available on

Freeview viewers can check their channel line up by using the Freeview Coverage Checker at