Seaside and Country Homes

Thu, 03 April 2024

The Seaside and Country Homes Scheme offers housing opportunities away from London. The scheme's landlord manages approximately 3,200 bungalows and flats, along the coast from Cornwall in the southwest to Norfolk and Lincolnshire in the east; and, across the countryside from Dorset to Cambridgeshire. These properties are specifically designed for older people and are ideal for those wishing for a less hectic pace of life.

The properties have either one or two bedrooms and are managed by local Housing Associations. Rents vary depending on the size, location and services available.

Who can apply?

The service is open to households living in Council or Housing Association housing in Greater London where at least one member of the household is aged 60 or above.

Applicants for the service must be nominated by their landlord and will need to complete an application form. This can be done by sending in a paper form, or by completing an online application.

Applications from households where all members are younger than 60 years of age or where the lead applicant does not currently live in social housing will not be accepted.

How to apply

Application forms are available from local councils, from the Seaside and Country Homes office and Hounslow Homes reception areas.

Applications will be assessed to ensure that eligibility criteria are met. Priority will be awarded according to the size of the property currently occupied. Priority is given to applications that will free up the largest homes - this is because there is a large shortfall in the number of family sized homes available in London.

For more information contact the housing moves team on 0845 021 2020 or visit