Caretaking restructure

Thu, 03 April 2024

Residents may be aware that due to a reduced allocation of Government subsidy next year, the Hounslow Homes Board has had to face some difficult decisions regarding budget cuts in the next financial year. In particular, residents may be aware of our planned changes to the way in which our caretaking services will be delivered. A number of caretaking posts will be converted to cleaning posts.

After a lengthy consultation process this option was deemed the best solution to ensure that Hounslow Homes maintains a high standard, value for money caretaking service on our estates. Other options considered involved cutting the overall number of jobs, which we felt would inevitably lead to a lower standard of service.

Hounslow Homes aims to ensure that caretaking services on our estates are maintained at a high standard both during and after the restructuring is completed. If you are not happy with the service you receive, contact the Hounslow Homes Complaints Team on 0208 583 3737, alternatively you can contact Hounslow Homes on free phone 0800 085 6575.