Your Responsibilities

What repairs are you responsible for?

You, the tenant, are responsible for the following types of repairs:

  • Supplying and fixing all plugs and chains to sinks and basins and WC pull chains
  • Supply and fixing of WC seats other than fair wear and tear
  • Fixtures and fittings, curtain rails etc
  • Light bulbs, fluorescent tubes / starters and plugs connected to appliances
  • Glass in internal walls, doors or cupboards
  • Improvements, alterations and works carried out or equipment provided voluntarily by you or by previous tenants
  • Fences (but if you have children under 5, the Council may repair your fence if it adjoins a main road)
  • Internal decorations (except in certain specific circumstances)
  • Individual rotary driers
  • Cookers, refrigerators and washing machines (including installation of washing machines)
  • If you lose your key you will have to pay the full cost for fitting a new lock and the keys supplied

Please note that our repairs policy is currently under review in consultation with Hounslow’s Federation of Tenants and Residents Associations (HFTRA). The amended policy will be published in Hounslow Homes News later this year and will be updated on this site.

If you are a Leaseholder, the repair responsibilities described here will not apply to you. For more information please see the Leaseholders page for repairs on this site or contact our Customer Service Centre on 0800 085 6575.