Loan Sharks

We've joined the campaign to tackle loan sharks.

Hounslow Homes are keen to support the England Illegal Money Lending Team, to tackle illegal money lending in the communities that they serve.

An estimated 310,000 households nationally are borrowing from illegal money lenders, more commonly known as loan sharks. These criminals will trap borrowers into a never ending spiral of debt, often resorting to extreme methods such as intimidation, threats and violence to enforce repayment.

The England Illegal Money Lending Team are always looking for innovative ways of working with groups to raise awareness of the dangers of borrowing from illegal money lenders.

The Team already host free training sessions for frontline staff to help those who work in the heart of communities to spot illegal money lenders, and know where to turn. They also organise awareness raising events. Through these events, agencies work together and engage the community in finding out about the dangers of borrowing from illegal money lenders.

Tony Quigley Head of the England Illegal Money Lending Team said “Illegal money lending is a despicable crime, which causes a great deal of misery in our communities. Our work together with our Campaign Partners is vitally important. These organisations are our eyes and ears on the ground, so their local knowledge combined with the Team’s expertise allows our work to continue to grow in strength and bring offenders to justice. Anyone who is a victim of illegal money lending is encouraged to contact us in confidence on 0300 555 2222”

To report a loan shark:

Call the 24/7 confidential hotline 0300 555 2222

Text ‘loan shark + your message’ to 60003


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