Frequently asked questions

Linkline - frequently asked questions

Financial matters

What if my financial circumstances change and I can no longer afford to pay for the alarm?

If you contact the Linkline office they will provide you with information and contact details for the Department of Works and Pensions who can assess that you are receiving your full entitlement to benefits.

Is there a charge for replacement pendants?

If you lose your pendant please contact the Linkline office and we will arrange to attend and replace it. A charge may be made for replacement pendants, each case will be looked at individually depending on the circumstances.

How do I pay the weekly charges?

We have several ways to pay including Direct Debit and monthly/quarterly/annual invoicing. If you need additional information on how to pay please contact Sharon Virdi at the Linkline office.

I am paying by direct debit, why do I get an annual invoice?

When we set up the direct debits this generates an invoice for the yearly cost of the alarm. If you have signed up to pay by direct debit all you need to do is keep this for your records and the monthly amount will be collected.

The monthly charge is not a direct multiplication of the weekly cost? Why is this?

As each month has a different amount of weeks how the charge is worked out is on an annual basis. Therefore, the weekly cost is multiplied by 52 and then divided by 12 months for the purpose of invoicing and collection of payments. This is a standard accounting way of collecting charges. If you would like a further explanation please contact Sharon Virdi on 020 8583 4373 or email

Who do I contact with bill enquiries?

Sharon Virdi at the Linkline office deals with all the financial matters. Sharon will be happy to answer any queries you may have and can be contacted on 020 8583 4373 or email .

About the alarm

What if you can’t hear me over the alarm?

In most cases wherever you are in the property Linkline officers should be able to hear you. If not, the officer will try to phone you. If there is no reply we will contact one of your key holders to respond.

Will my alarm work in the garden?

In most small gardens, your pendant will still activate a call. The pendant alarm generally activates within a range of 27 metres of the base unit. If you are concerned about this please initiate a test call to find out.

Is there anything I need to do after the alarm has been installed?

Yes, you should make a weekly test call and inform us of any changes to your details and or key holders.

Can I switch my alarm off?

No, your alarm must be switched on at all times with the red light showing. If you switch the alarm off it will send a call through to the Linkline office as a low battery warning and an officer will have to either contact you or your key holder to switch it back on. Additionally if you alarm is switched off it may not work in an emergency when you need it.

What if I press the button by accident?

Don’t worry we are here 24 hours a day 365 days of the year. When the Linkline officer speaks to you just answer informing them it was a mistake and we will cancel the call.

How often should I test the alarm?

Please test your alarm once a week as we do need to know it is working. If you forget to test your alarm please do so as soon as you remember. You can do this any time of the day or night.

How do you know it is me when my alarm is activated?

Your alarm has its own ID number which will identify you. After installation all your personal information, for example, Doctor, Medical details, Next of Kin, key holders, address, phone number and any other information will be added to your ID screen on the computer. When you press your pendant your ID number will come up along with the information you have provided. This is how we know who you are and all your details.

Will a power cut affect my alarm?

If there is a power cut in your area or home this affects your alarm depending on the duration of the interruption to the power supply. Your alarm does have a battery back up, which will last a limited amount of time. Therefore, your alarm may not work if the electricity is off for a long time. Please test your alarm once the electricity supply is reinstated.

What other technology is available to help me remain at home?

Please click to see information about Telecare’. Alternatively you may contact the Linkline office who can offer you further advice and assistance.

Can I wear the Pendant to bed?

We do not advise people to wear their pendants in bed as it may activate whilst you are sleeping. This will result in you being woken up by the phone if it is near by, or we will contact your key holders should we not be able to contact you. We advise people when taking their pendant off to go to bed to keep this near by and within easy reach. Should you have a need to get up during the night please remember to put your pendant on.

Other questions

What if I decide I would like to move into Sheltered Housing?

The Sheltered Housing service will be happy to discuss this with you and offer appropriate advice. This may be dependant on your housing tenure. The Sheltered Housing service can offer you advice and information based on your needs and circumstances. They can be contacted from 9 to 5, Monday to Friday, through the Sheltered Housing Administrator on 020 8583 3899. See also 'Sheltered Housing'

How will the Linkline service help me?

When you activate your alarm Linkline Officers will ask you questions to help them assess the situation. They will then organise the help you need and if you have subscribed to the Silver or Gold service they may visit you depending on the nature of the emergency .

English is not my first language, how will you and I under stand each other if I use the alarm?

The Linkline service has access to Language Line to facilitate conversations using an interpreter.

What do I do if my key holders are going on holiday or are not available?

Please inform us if you know your Key holders are going away. We take details of two key holders during installation. Therefore, we will use your other key holder when one is away. You can provide us with alternative arrangements by contacting the Linkline office by telephone.

I am going away, do I need to notify you?

Yes, please inform us before you go away including your expected return date. When you return home please activate your alarm to notify us you are home and we will update our records.

What would you do if none of my contacts can respond to an emergency?

We would contact the emergency services and advise them and they would deal with the situation.

How do I make comments, complaints or compliments?

Your views are important to us. You can do this in writing or you can telephone through to the Customer Service Centre who will log your details and information and ask the service manager to investigate and respond to you. The Customer Service Centre telephone number is 0800 085 6575.

If you have any other questions or concerns regarding you alarm or well-being please do not hesitate to call the Linkline service. We are here to help. Linkline Telephone Number – 020 8583 4400