Hounslow Homes Young Champions

Improve your estate and help us make a difference.

Hounslow Homes Tenant Participation Team is encouraging the youth on the estates to take an active role in their community with the aim of strengthening neighborhoods and giving the youth an opportunity to choose how their area is developed.

Hounslow Homes aims to:

  • Build bridges between all sectors of the community
  • To encourage the youth to respect the community in which they live and take ownership of their estates
  • To increase the level of youth participation in their community
  • Develop ways to consult with young people about their estates
  • Facilitate and support the voice of young people

Different ways to get involved

Youth can get involved in their estates in a number of ways:

  • Junior Rangers – Join the junior rangers and patrol your estate looking for areas of improvement and reporting them to Hounslow Homes.
  • Youth Forum – Join the Youth Forum and attend regular meetings to have your say about whats happening on your estate.
  • Attend Events – Take part in fun days and events in your area. Come along and learn new skills and meet people from your neighborhood.
  • Join us on Twitter – Follow us on Twitter and let us know your comments online.

Are you interested?

For more details on how to be involved please contact the tenant participation team on 020 8583 4602 or email beinvovled@hounslowhomes.org.uk