Capital Works Programme

Capital Works Programme and Forum works

We aim to provide you with information regarding major works that have been programmed for your homes, blocks and estates and also to provide you with regular feedback on consultation we have carried out regarding Area Forum works across the Borough.

The Proposed Capital Investment Programme

Each year as part of the development of the capital investment and planned maintenance programme, all residents are sent a copy of the 'Proposed Capital Investment Programme' that sets out a schedule of proposed works and addresses that are likely to be affected. Each year resources are limited and therefore we need to target them very carefully in priority areas. The programme is developed to address key priority areas which are;

  • continuing to keep homes up to the level of the decent homes standard
  • undertaking health and safety priorities
  • replacing building elements that have reached the end of their useful lives
  • maintaining and renewing plant and equipment (boilers, district heating, lifts, communal services)
  • providing a programme of aids and adaptations to enable people to continue living in their homes
  • providing improvements on blocks and estates in line with resident priorities

After consulting with tenants and leaseholders the document is finalised and sent for approval to both Hounslow Homes Board and the Council. You can view the information by downloading a copy of the Proposed Capital Programme 2011/12

The Approved Capital Investment Programme

The Approved Capital Investment Programme document is then sent to all residents in the Borough during Spring so residents can view the major and cyclical decoration works that will be carried out in the coming year. The current years programme can be viewed downloading the Approved Capital Investment Programme 2011/12. If your home is included in the programme, you will be contacted and consulted before any works are carried out to your home, block or estate.

Quarterly Resident Forum Consultation Report

During each year, quarterly forum meetings are held in the Central, East and West Areas of the Borough at which competing claims are considered for a variety of works on estates in each area. Both tenants and leaseholders are consulted as part of this process to establish whether residents agree in principle to proposed works. To enable residents to view feedback from each consultation and also update residents on Forum decisions a quarterly report is produced and sent out with Hounslow Homes News. A copy of the quarterly report produced and sent to residents in the current financial year can be found below

Quarter 1- resident consultation feedback 2010/11

Quarter 2 - resident consultation feedback 2010/11

Quarter 3 - resident consultation feedback 2010/11