Our Highlights 2006

Our highlights from the past year (2006 to 2007) include:

New five year deal with the London Borough of Hounslow

We agreed a new five year deal with Hounslow Council, which took effect from April 2007. The ever strengthening relationship with the council served as the bedrock to our our continuing success.

Tenant Participation

Residents told us that their opportunities to participate increased by 10%

Self Financing

In partnership with the London Borough of Hounslow, we were one of only six council housing organisations to participate in the study on self financing by central government.

New Builds

We progressed our pioneering new build pilot scheme at Convent Way. Building commenced in late 2007. We were also approved as the council's development partner for further new build schemes at Beavers, Heston and Manor Lane estates.We also received Area Renewal Grants to regenerate these estates.

Regeneration Projects Completed

We completed major regeneration projects at Convent Way and Ivybridge. As well as the external overhaul, the estates benefited from vast improvements in security and recreational facilties.

Office Accommodation review

We completed a review of office accommodation and created a new central neighbourhood office on the Ivybridge Estate. The Langdale Centre was opened to residents in November 2007

Online Repairs

Our tenants became the first ALMO customers to receive an online so they can both book and monitor their repairs.

Customer Relationship Management system (CRM)

We were also the first ALMO to fully integrate a Customer Relationship Management system with the back office systems we already use, allowing more than three quarters of enquiries to be resolved at the first point of contact.

One Number

We launched a new freephone number for all housing enquiries to improve communication with our residents.


We introduced a fairer system for the prioritising of applicants waiting for adaptations to their council homes with Occupational Therapists.


We improved the consultation process with leaseholders on major works as part of the business improvement programme. Leaseholders satisfaction increased by 20%.

For more information read our Annual Report 2006-7.