Heating Services

Hounslow Homes is responsible for repairs and maintenance to the heating systems in all the properties we manage. This includes

  • District Heating - communal heating
  • Individual heating systems - an individual boiler in your home

T Brown Group is appointed partnering contractor for Hounslow Homes. They are responsible for all gas servicing, repairs and breakdown for both domestic and district heating systems.

If you have a heating or hot water repair you should call 0800 634 9434 to arrange for an engineer to call at a time suitable for you.

Their call centre is open from 7:30am to 11pm Monday – Friday and 8am to 8pm Saturday and Sunday.

If you are a tenant with domestic heating, T Brown will contact you directly for your annual gas servicing appointment to take place.

Click on a link to view more information about the following heating services.

Loss of heating and or hot water

District Heating

Individual Heating Systems

Servicing heating systems

Safety First - heating do's and dont's

Gas Safety Checks - New tenants

Loss of heating and or hot water

If your heating system fails between 1st October and 1st May, we will try to restore your heating as soon as possible. We will also try to provide alternative heating if there is someone living in your home who:

  • Is over 60 years old
  • Is less than 3 years old
  • Is Chronically sick or disabled.

If you are calling the Out of Hours service, they may not be able to restore your heating, as only temporary repairs/make safe can be carried out. A follow on appointment will be made as soon as possible to rectifiy any problems or carry out any repairs that require parts.

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District Heating

District Heating – also known as communal heating - is repaired and maintained by Hounslow Homes’ Heating Team. Properties in a block or an estate are linked to one main boiler house, instead of having individual heating systems in each property.

If you are connected to District Heating and have a problem with your heating or hot water, you can report the problem to our contractor T Browns on 0800 634 9434. From May to October, loss of heating is not considered an emergency unless you have small children or there are elderly/disabled persons living with you that might be at risk. Otherwise, we will book you an appointment for a Heating Engineer to visit you.

It would also be advisable in the event of total heating/hot water loss to check if any of your neighbours are experiencing a problem before you call us, as this could mean a problem with the main boiler house affecting your block/estate.

If the problem is with the main boiler house, the Heating Team will not visit individual properties unless there is a problem after the main fault has been repaired. If a fault with the boiler house has been rectified and you are still experiencing a problem, you should contact the Customer Service Centre.

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Individual Heating Systems

Most of our properties have Individual Heating systems, i.e. a boiler in the property itself. If you have an individual heating system it will be repaired and maintained by contractors employed to carry out this work on our behalf.

If you need to report a repair, you will need to ring our contractor T Browns (who cover all areas) on 0800 634 9434.

If you have had your heating system fitted within the last 12 months, you should report any problems to the Customer Service Centre on 0800 085 65 75. The system will still be under warranty, so repairs will need to be undertaken by the contractor that fitted the system, in some cases this will be Hounslow Homes. If you are unsure, please contact the Customer Service Centre who will check for you.

If you have a key meter, you should also check that you have credit before reporting a repair if you have total heating/hot water loss.

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Servicing Heating Systems

As your landlord, we are obliged by Health and Safety laws to service your heating system annually. You will be visited by our contractor T Browns when a service is due. If you are not at home, a calling card will be left at your property, advising you to make an appointment.

It is important for the safety of you, your family and any visitors to the property that these checks are carried out. Make an appointment as soon as possible so that the necessary checks can be completed. Please contact the Customer Service Centre on 0800 085 65 75 or the contractor for your area if you have any questions.

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Safety First - Heating do's and don'ts

Your safety and that of your family is important. please remember the following advice:


  • Allow access for your annual gas service. We need to check that your central heating system is safe for you to use. We may suspend other non-urgent repairs that you request if there is a health and safety risk at your property.
  • Report gas leaks - if you smell gas, contact Transco immediately on 0800 111 999
  • Have any gas appliances fitted by a corgi registered fitter. Connection of gas appliances is your responsibility and the fitter should be suitably qualified. Improperly fitted appliances can be dangerous.
  • Check you are in credit if you have a key meter before reporting a loss of service.
  • Check that thermostats and controls and the pilot light (if you have an individual heating system)are on before reporting a loss of power.
  • Report leaking radiators immediately, particularly if you live above another property. Leaks can cause extensive damage to your property and any properties below.


  • Try to 'bleed' or release trapped air from your radiators if you are hearing a 'bubbling noise' or the radiator is not heating up. This is particularly important if you are connnected to District Heating. This can be dangerous, and you could suffer serious injury from scalding. Please report any problems to the Customer Service Centre or the heating contractor for your area.
  • Attempt to repair or tamper with any gas connections or meters. Gas meters are the property of your supplier, and tampering with the meter or any gas connections is dangerous and could render you liable to prosection.

Attempt to carry out repairs to your heating system if you are not suitably qualified. Report all faults to the Customer Service Centre or the contractor for your area.

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Gas safety Checks - new tenants

When a Hounslow Homes property is empty and waiting to be let, the central heating system/gas supply is shut off until a gas safety check has been completed.

Before you move into your new home, you will need to arrange your gas service supplier and or key meter. You will also need to book an appointment for a final gas safety check to be carried out. Gas safety checks cannot be carried out until after the actual start date of your new tenancy.

These checks are important - they ensure that the heating system is safe and working correctly. We also check that the supply to the property (including to your cooking facilities) is safe for use.

Until you have arranged your gas supply and the safety check has been completed you will not have heating, hot water (or cooking facilities if you are using gas) to your home.

If you are a new tenant and need to book and appointment for a final gas check, please contact 0208 583 4354. If you have any questions regarding final gas checks, please contact the Customer Service Centre freephone 0800 085 65 75.

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