Unauthorised alterations to your home

Tue, 17 April 2023

We believe it’s great that you take pride in your home, and may want to make improvements or alterations from time to time. However, it is important to remember you do need permission from us before you start the work.

We support customers who want to make alterations, but as a responsible housing provider we must make sure that the work is safe, of a good standard, and where appropriate, meets regulations or legal requirements. Alterations can be anything from removing a kitchen unit to building an extension; and they all need permission.

This quick guide should allow you to easily know what to do if you want to make alterations to your home. Once you know what works you want to do, you should:

  • Write to the Housing Repair Team, Ashmead Depot, Ashmead Road, Feltham TW14 9NN requesting permission to make the alteration. Be sure to include as much detail as you can including what you want to do, plans, who is doing the work, quotes you may have received and insurance details of any contractors.
  • Do not to start any works until we have inspected your home or spoken to you on the phone and provided written permission.
  • Contact the repairs officer again on completion of the works, to arrange a inspection of the completed work.
  • Keep your letter granting permission and completed inspection in a safe place for future reference.

Where you do not follow this process you may be recharged the cost of making good any alterations you have made. A recharge is the cost of the work, plus a 10% administration charge, and VAT at 20%. Even if the work is up to standard, we have no duty to permit works that we haven’t approved. Below are some examples of the costs involved in making good alterations that did not have permission.

Customer A removed a Hounslow Homes kitchen and replaced it with their own, damaging the gas pipes. Total recharge £3400.

Customer B erected a front porch damaging the original building. Total recharge £1500.


Here’s what our Repairs Team had to say when asked about customer alteration requests:

'We rarely decline a request from a resident to improve their home, in fact, we are pleased to help. As the property is our asset, we always require written requests and compliance with relevant regulations. We are happy to give guidance on such regulations, assist with design and sourcing of appropriate materials. We can also help with reducing costs by suggesting alternative ways of carrying out the works!'

Remember! Get permission before you make any alterations. We are here to help. You take pride; we’ll keep you safe.