Neighbourhood Wardens

About the Service

Our Neighbourhood Warden service aims to improve and make your local neighbourhood a safe place, reduce the fear of crime and reduce anti-social behaviour including harassment, racial harassment and nuisance.

Neighbourhood wardens also help the community in many other ways, such as assisting with fun days, reporting repairs, reporting abandoned cars, recommending environmental improvements and helping with emergencies.

Residents can pass information to the Wardens by leaving a message on the Warden Hotline - call 020 8583 4141. If there is a problem or a problem area that you would like the Wardens to investigate, please leave a message. All messages are treated in confidence and you do not need to leave your details.

The Neighbourhood Warden Service will answer calls on a priority system. If the Wardens are unable to assist or attend a call out they will contact the complainant with an explanation or offer advice.

The Neighbourhood Wardens also work with the local Police Safer Neighbourhood Team for your area.

Please continue to speak to your Estate Manager, who together with the team of Wardens and other partner agencies, will be working to reduce crime and the fear of crime in your neighbourhood.

Your co-operation and support is needed to help make our estates safer and cleaner places to live.

Please report problems of anti social behaviour, graffiti, racial harassment, youth nuisance, abandoned cars, vandalism, noise and fly tipping to Hounslow Homes by contacting the Customer Service Centre. You can also use the DigiTV interactive services on your Sky, Virgin or mobile/smartphone to report estate issues.

Contact us

The Neighbourhood Wardens are on duty from 3-11pm daily

Neighbourhood Warden Hotline 020 8583 4141 open daily between 3-10pm.

Please call our Customer Service Centre for all your council housing enquiries Freephone: 0800 085 6575 Minicom: 0800 389 9821 . The Customer Service Centre is open 8am-8pm Monday-Friday


Out of Hours emergencies (not for the Warden Service) can be reported to 020 8583 2222.

In an emergency, please call the Police Emergency: 999 Non-emergency: 101

Latest News from the Wardens

September 2012

CCTV Update

All our Neighourhood Wardens have now attended and passed a BTEC training Course for CCT V and Public Spaces Surveillance and have acquired their S I A : Security Industry Authority Licence in CCTV and Public Space Surveillance. The Wardens will now have access to -and will be able to monitor and download- incidents of ASB and criminal activity from CCTV cameras on our estates throughout the Borough.

Recorded Incidents will be passed to our Estate Management Team and to our partner agencies including the Police.

Did You Know? All Neighbourhood Warden Vehicles are equipped with the latest CCTV surveillance equipment to assist with reducing anti social behaviour and crime on your estates / area.

Caught on Camera

The Neighbourhood Wardens regularly downloaded images of people fly tipping on Hounslow Homes managed roads and estates. In the recent weeks, the team captured images from the Oriel Estate and The Hollands in Hanworth, Convent Way in Southall and the Haverfield Estate in Brentford. Images and vehicle registration numbers have been passed to Tenancy Management Team and the Police to identify the perpetrators. Once identified these people will be charged, fined or both.

There are plans to display images of perpetrators on this web site, as their selfish actions are causing health and safety issues and costing law abiding residents thousand of pounds every year. Watch this space

Higher Visibility Warden Patrols

Residents commented that they don't always see the Wardens out and about on their patrols. We spoke to other Warden Services from around the country and have decided to equip the Warden fleet of Vehicles with flashing Amber Lights which can be used on the larger Estates to show the residents that the Wardens are around and to give some reassurance on the dark winter nights.

Partnership working

Police Partnership Working

Wardens are working closely with you local Police teams, The London Borough of Hounslow Tasking Team and the Police response teams for your area to reduce Anti Social Behaviour and crime in the Borough

Convent Way : Success

Wardens received a number of complaints about a group of males driving onto the estate and then using a car park area on the estate to play loud music, eat, drink and litter the area, and to smoke cannabis. Wardens attempted to reason with the group who unfortunately decided to carry on with their anti social activities. Wardens called on assistance from Hounslow Police who stopped and searched the group and their vehicle. Details were taken and the group were warned not to come back onto the estate.

Wardens indentified and moved on a rough sleeper from the Tower Block on Convent Way with the assistance of the Police, To date the male has not returned to the area.

Wardens received reports that a group of youths were using a ground floe communal area of a block to loiter, Drink Alcohol, Smoke their Cannabis an to Graffiti, Increased Warden and Police patrols appear to have put a stop to this problem.

Cranford : Success

Wardens identified a vehicle which they believed to be involved in the supply of illegal drugs on the Redwood Estate in Cranford and the surrounding areas. This information was passed through to our colleges at the Hounslow Police, who carried out a number of enquiries before executing a Drug Warrant at an address in Cranford. Following this a male was arrested.

Increase metal thefts around the Borough

Wardens and Hounslow Police have been working together to address the increase of metal thefts around the Borough and from Hounslow Homes managed estates. aerial cable, gas boiler vents, man hole covers, inspection covers, rain water pipes and water pipes have been stolen over recent months. Hounslow Homes staff alerted wardens to an address where industrial cable sleeping was being found in bin chute rooms most mornings. Wardens and Police worked together to identify the perpetrators address. Police carried out a raid on the address and a male was arrested.

Please call the Wardens or the Police if you see anything suspicious after normal working hours. Your concerns can be e-mailed to

Service Update

Wardens continue to work on referrals provided by Estate managers, Estate Monitoring Officers, Caretakers and the Police along with our regular patrol areas. The Service continues in its aim to be diverse and versatile in it's approach to different challenges. In one recent example, the team dealt with a tenant with a hearing impairment that was being harassed by local youths on the estate. One of our wardens is trained in British Sign Language and was very helpful in this case.

Wardens,with the help of Estate Managers, obtained a number of Acceptable Behaviour Contracts on one particular estate to deter youngsters causing ASB. Estate Managers are coming out on quarterly basis with the Wardens to experience the issues the team deals with on daily basis and to share their knowledge on policies and procedures on how best to deal with them. Other staff members from different departments continue to show interest in shadowing the wardens on their daily patrols to help understand the role of wardens in our successful ASB team.

Community events

The Wardens attempt to attend all Community events that we are invited to, This enables the Wardens to talk to the residents and to identify problems and problems areas on the estates we you live.

The Wardens recently attended a launch event for Harlech Gardens allotment project along with our Tenant Participation Officer and even with the damp weather, lots of tenants came along ensuring the day was a huge success.

The Wardens will be at the HFTRA Conference in September so we may see you there.

Bogus Caller

Residents should be aware of a white male aged 35 – 40 Years who knocks at addresses and tells you that he needs to borrow money as his wife has been taken ill and he needs to get to the hospital. Do not give this man any money: Call the Police.

And Finally

Wardens have noticed an increase in residents, tenants and visitors who decide to use the lifts on our estates as toilets. In the last month we have gathered CCTV images of three people urinating in the lifts. These images have been passed to the Estate Management and to the Police who will hopefully indentify these anti social people. Once Identified these people will be charged for the clean up and may face action from the Police.

Your Neighbourhood Wardens Service is Certified by the Wardens Charter

Hounslow Neighbourhood Wardens have now been certified with the ''Warden Charter', The issuing authority commented how impressed they were with the assessment and the quality of the work submitted and the quality of the information provided by the Hounslow Homes Warden Service.