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Locata is choice based letting system that gives tenants the chance to bid for available properties to transfer from one property to another.

Applicants must complete a Transfer application form to be registered on the scheme, and are placed into one of four bands according to their housing need. Once registered, members receive an information pack and a registration number to start bidding for properties. The information pack also advises the member what type of properties they can bid for.

All bids are processed at the Locata central office and prioritised by band and the length of waiting time on the scheme. Once registered, you are advised to bid regularly. You can bid for up to three properties during each bidding period. Offers will not be made to members who have bid for a property they are not eligible for, so please make sure you know what property type you are registered for.

Bidding Guidance

Houses and properties with gardens are always the most popular and attract a high number of bidders. The number of first time and transfer applicants is high, and the number of available properties is limited, so members are advised to bid realistically for a property that suits their need but may not necessarily be their preferred property type. For example, members should consider bidding for a three-bedroom flat/maisonette as well as houses, if the property will alleviate their housing need and suit their situation.

Due to the high demand for social housing in Hounslow and the surrounding boroughs, Hounslow is having to adhere closely to its refusal policy.

As a result, we will no longer be able to bid for properties on your behalf. You are able to bid for free at any Hounslow library. You are also able to bid for properties by texting your bids to Locata or completing a coupon and posting it to Locata.

If you are a vulnerable tenant i.e. elderly and/or disabled, Hounslow Homes reception staff will bid on your behalf once you have completed a disclaimer form. This form will confirm the need for a member of staff to bid on your behalf and the reason for this. All other tenants will be expected to make their own bids.

In all cases, whether a tenant bids themselves or a bid is placed on their behalf, the London Borough of Hounslow refusals policy will apply.

Feedback on bids

The Locata website gives feedback on the offers that have been made for each property, giving the band, the date the applicant registered and the type of applicant that was offered the property (e.g. homeseeker or transfer applicant) after bidding had closed.

For more information see the Locata website. If you would like to apply for a Transfer, contact the Customer Service Centre on 0800 085 65 75 or visit your local housing office to request a Transfer Application form.