Leaseholder Repairs

As a leaseholder, repairs to your property are your responsibility. Hounslow Homes will carry out repairs and maintain the block/communal area where you live.

Repairs that are a leaseholders responsibility (inside the property) include:

  • Internal washers/main stopvalve (to your fixtures/appliances)
  • Repair to burst or leaking pipe beyond stopvalve
  • Repair or renewal to an individual water tank
  • Repair or renewal of baths, sinks, taps, basins or WCs
  • Leaks to waste pipes, traps and fittings including branches up to the soil stack
  • Flooring e.g. floor boards and tiles
  • Staircases inside the property
  • Decoration to the interior only of window frames and sills
  • Glazing to the windows of your property
  • Flat entrance doors including main flat door, balcony/garden doors, frames, fittings and locks
  • Repairs to fitted cupboards
  • Forced entry to property – doors and frames
  • Electrics inside the property, including fuses, fuse board, fittings, bells and rewiring
  • Individual heating systems inside your flat
  • Decoration to your flat (internal)
  • Internal ventilation equipment e.g. extractor fans

Hounslow Homes are responsible for:

  • Washers/main stopvalves to block
  • Repairs to burst or leaking pipe (up to main stop valve in the property)
  • Repair or renew communal water tank
  • Clear blockage or repair leak to main soil stack, rain water pipes and gutters
  • Flooring i.e. joists/wall plates, damp-proof membrane or concrete floor slab
  • Exterior i.e. roof, walls, windows fountains etc
  • Communal staircases
  • Internal and external window frames
  • Glazing of communal windows
  • Communal Electrics i.e. rewiring, repair/ renewal fittings, door entry systems
  • Communal heating systems (District Heating)
  • Communal decoration
  • Communal Ventilation equipment

To report a communal repair, contact the Repairs Call Centre on 0800 085 65 75 and select option 1.