Fencing Repairs

When you move into your home we will make sure that the fencing (should there be any to the property) is secure and in good repair. Once you begin living in the property the fencing becomes your responsiblity as per your tenancy agreement.

In some instances we will repair or renew fencing. However, there is set criteria to be met before we will carry out repairs.

  • Your garden must adjoin a main road, railway or watercourse/other similar water hazard e.g. a river
  • You must have children under 5 living in the property listed as occupants. (If you look after children during the day for someone else this will not count)

If you have a side gate to your garden that is broken we will repair only (no renewal) if the broken gate poses a potential security risk. For example, if there is a public footpath or access path running alongside your garden we will repair the gate.

In all other instances, the fencing and gates are your responsibility. If the fence requires fixing or replacing and this impacts on the estates communal area, Hounslow Homes will request that you repair or replace your fence. If you do not comply with our request we will arrange for the repair to be carried out and will recharge you for the cost of the repair.

Repairs to railway boundary fencing

Any repairs or renewals to boundary fences running alongside railway lines can be reported to Network Rail on 08457 114141. They are not the responsibility of Hounslow Homes.

Network Rail will give you a reference number for the repair when you report a problem should you need to make follow up calls.