Communal Services

Not all repairs to your property or communal areas/blocks are carried out by Hounslow Homes. For some of the repairs that we are responsible for, we employ contractors to do the work on our behalf, or the work is carried out by departments of Hounslow Council.

If you report a repair to us that requires specialist attention, we will let you know who will be carrying out the work. External contractors will make an appointment with you. If you have a query about this type of repair, you can contact the Repairs Call Centre on free phone 0800 085 65 75, or you can e-mail your query to

For details on who to report other repairs to, click on a link for details:



Street Lighting


Aerials/Satellite dishes


Blocked road gullies/drains

Pest Control

Gas/Electric meters

Repairs to refurbishments

Play areas/Playground equipment


If you have an individual heating system in your property, T Brown carry out repairs and maintenance on our behalf. For more information on heating go to the HEATING SERVICES page on this website.


Repairs and maintenance to lifts are carried out by our contractors. For more information about reporting problems with lifts, see the Lifts page on this site

Street lighting

Lamp columns located on paths or walkways to an estate can be reported to the Repairs Call Centre on 0800 085 65 75. All other street lighting on pavements beside roads should be reported to Borough Lighting on 0208 583 5555. You will need to give an exact location and/or the number from the lamp column.


Graffiti on an estate or communal area (if managed by Hounslow Homes)can be reported to the Repairs Call Centre on 0800 085 65 75. If the graffiti is obscene or racist we will treat the removal as an emergency.

There is also a ‘Graffiti line’ for reporting graffiti - 0208 583 2620, and other types of graffiti around the borough can be reported to The Community Environment Team on 0208 583 5074/5077

Aerials/Satellite dishes

If you are connected to a communal aerial and are experiencing a problem you can report the fault to the Repairs Call Centre on 0800 085 65 75.

If you have an individual aerial (which could be located on the roof or in the roof space of your property) you are responsible for any repairs or renewals. This also applies to cable television equipment, individual satellite dishes and freeview boxes.


Appliances are your responsibility to repair/renew and connection of gas or electric cookers to points in your kitchen should be carried out by a suitably qualified professional, e.g. Gas Safe Registered. The store where you bought your appliance usually offer a fitting service (there may be a charge) or you can look in the yellow pages or other local business directories for a qualified fitter.

Blocked road gullies

Blocked road gullies can be reported to the Repairs Call Centre if on an estate, otherwise blockages can be reported to Hounslow Highways

Pest Control

If you have a pest problem, you can contact Pest Control on 0208 583 5555. They will advise you on what action they can take as well as the cost. If you are reporting a problem that is affecting the block, you can contact your Estate Monitoring Officer at your local Housing Office who will investigate for you. This may mean a visit to your property.

Gas/electric meters

Gas and electric meters are the property of the company that is your service provider.

You should never tamper with one of these meters as it could be highly dangerous, and you could be liable to prosecution if you cause any damage.

If you have a problem with a meter/key meter, you will need to contact your supplier. Their number will be on a letter/bill you have received from them. You should initially check you have enough credit, especially if you have used your emergency supply, as any credit you add will be offset against the emergency credit first when you make a payment.

If you smell Gas – contact TRANSCO immediately on 0800 999 9999

Repairs to Refurbishments

If you have, in the last 12 months, had refurbishment works to your property e.g. kitchen, bathroom, windows or doors, roofing or rewiring, you should contact the Repairs Call Centre if you experience any problems.

Any faults or repairs are logged, and the contractor contacted. They will arrange a visit to you property to rectify the problem.

After 12 months from the completion of works, all repairs are dealt with by the Repairs Service.

If you need to report a problem with a recent refurbishment, you can contact the Repairs Call Centre on free phone 0800 085 65 75.

Play areas/Playground Equipment

Some of the estates we manage have children’s play areas. If any play equipment is damaged or broken, this can be reported to the Repairs Call Centre on 0800 085 65 75. Repair works are carried out by specialist contractors who deal with play equipment.