What you can do

If you are a victim of, or a witness to anti-social behaviour, there are lots of ways that you can help. Your involvement is vital to assist us in putting a stop to Anti-Social Behaviour, Harassment and Hate Crimes:-

Hounslow Homes encourages its residents to talk to each other to resolve issues around low level Anti-Social Behaviour where it is safe to do so. If you need help, Hounslow Homes is able to assist and can also refer you both to an independent mediation service.

Start a diary

Keep a diary or a written record of all incidents, this should include:-

  • What is happening.
  • When it is happening.
  • What and who is causing the problem (including if possible the name, address or a description of the person).

Once we have the information we can then advise you what we or other organisations can do to help.

Report to the Police

When reporting incidents to the police ask for a reference number and the name of the person you spoke to and pass this on to us.

Contact the Police in an emergency, dial 999 or for non emergency dial 101. You can also report crime on the police website online.met.police.uk

Talk to us

Tell us what you want us to do. We will only act if you give us the permission in writing and you can remain anonymous if you choose to do so.

In some cases being anonymous is not possible but you can talk to your Estate Manager about it. We want to put a stop to ASB and need your help.