Hate Crimes

Sometimes Anti-Social Behaviour/ Harassment are the targeting of individuals, groups of individuals and communities because of who they are, due to their:-

  • Race, this is known as racial harassment
  • Age
  • Religion or belief
  • Gender, transgender and gender reassignment
  • Sexual orientation, this is known as homophobic harassment
  • Disability, this known as disability hate crime

These are known as Hate Crimes and are defined as, ‘any incident which may or may not constitute a criminal offence, which is perceived by the victim or any other person as being motivated by prejudice or hate.’ Examples of this are racist verbal abuse, homophobic verbal abuse, intimidation, threats, physical attacks, damage to property, distributing Hate Crime material, etc.

Report Hate Crime

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Emergency telephone: 999

Non-emergencies telephone: 101

Report online at online.met.police.uk