Action against perpetrators

What action we can consider against the alleged perpetrator

Any tenant, their household or visitors who commit Anti-Social Behaviour, Harassment, Hate Crimes, Domestic Violence, Abuse of Adults at Risk or Abuse or Neglect of Children break the conditions of their Tenancy Agreement.

Hounslow Homes will take proportionate steps to stop this which will be dependant on severity of the case and the quality of evidence available.

  • The following actions can be considered once authorisation is granted:-
  • Use CCTV, covert surveillance as well as a professional witness officer to gather evidence.
  • Liaise with the police to take criminal proceedings against the alleged perpetrator/s.
  • Share and gather information with the police and local authorities.
  • Take legal action such as ouster orders, injunctions, eviction action, Closure Orders, etc to prevent further incidents.
  • Work with the local authority and the police to get an Anti-Social Behaviour Order (ASBO) or Acceptable Behaviour Contracts (ABC) or Parental Control Agreement (PCA) where appropriate.