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Reporting blocked drains

If you have a blocked drain, sink, toilet bath or wash hand basin, report the problem to the Customer Service Centre on 0800 085 65 75. We will try to deal with blockages inside your property, as well as gully and balcony drains.

Some blockages may need specialist equipment, so if we cannot solve the problem we will arrange for an external contractor to visit you. If this happens we will let you know.

If you use the Online Repairs Service to report your repairs, please do not report any blockages that may need to be dealt with as an emergency.

Information for Leaseholders reporting blockages to main stack

Leaseholders should first contact or employ their own qualified plumber to check that the problem is not within the property. If our contractor visits the property and the problem is in your home, you may be charged for the visit and any works. We will not usually send our own tradesperson until your own plumber as visited your property.

For more information on your responsibilities as a leaseholder see the Leaseholders Handbook.

Freeholders (Private residents)

If you are a private resident in Hounslow with a drainage problem, you can contact the Drainage Section of the Street management and Public Protection Department at Hounslow Council on 020 8583 5555.