Quality and performance monitoring

To allow us to show how successfully we are providing services to you, we need to measure what it is we are doing. We measure things like the amount of rent collected, the time taken to carry out repairs and how satisfied you are with the services we provide.

You can find this information in the publications below:

Performance Dashboard

The dashboard shows you our performance, in the areas that we measure, on a quarterly basis. The flyer also shows you how well we are doing compared to our targets and if our performance is getting better or worse. We report a summary of performance quarterly in Hounslow Homes News, You can download the dashboard below to view our performance.

Performance matrix 2014/15

Performance report August September 2014

Performance report July 2014

Performance Dashboard 4th Quarter 2013/14

Service Delivery Plan

This is the key operational action plan, which is central to the organisation's activity. It translates strategy into what we are actually going to do in addition to our established "routine" work. The Plan is monitored quarterly with Reports going to the Managing Director and the Board. View the plan

Kwest Customer Satisfaction Survey 2012/13

In September 2012, Kwest research carried out an independent survey of Hounslow Homes tenants. The Reports below look at the survey results regarding key services we provide:

KWEST Tenant Satisfaction Survey 2012 main report







If you are having trouble downloading any of these documents and would like a copy sent to you, please e-mail to customerservicecentre@hounslowhomes.org.uk or alternatively contact 0800 085 65 75 to request a copy.

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