We deliver a complete housing and premises management service to a range of partner organisations in West London. Our commitment to integrated, high value, low cost services is matched only by our drive to keep rethinking our offer, to respond to emerging needs, working with our residents as equals.

The intensity of emerging housing and community needs in West London, calls for a partnership approach - collaboration for ideas and action, to exploit our opportunities to deliver new homes and new services, fit for new circumstances.

We want you to join us to build an effective network of West London housing and community leaders who share a public service ethos and who put the interests of communities, staff and public at the top of their priorities.

We are calling you to collaborate with us to:

  • Provide high value, local housing and community services
  • Use our purchasing power to invest in growing jobs in the local economy
  • Respond to the wide-ranging needs of an increasingly frail population
  • Mitigate the impact of Welfare reforms on the most vulnerable
  • Convert spare land into new affordable housebuilding projects.

About Us:

We are a progressive, not-for-profit social enterprise, with a 10 year track record of excellence in managing and maintaining social housing. Our continuing drive for excellence has brought us growing success. We have recently been winning a range of new contracts, including repairs, neighbourhood patrolling, promoting independent living for older people and caretaking. These total eighteen new contracts in addition to our prime contract for the management of Hounslow Council’s housing stock through to 2017 and we do not plan to stop here.

Our people:

We are embedded in our local community, with local leadership, devoted to local service. We represent the borough’s diverse demographics and enjoy strong partnerships with the local authority and other agencies in the borough. We work with residents to evolve our existing services and redesign new products.

Our credentials:

  • 83% overall satisfaction rating with London Borough of Hounslow tenants (September 2011)
  • Investor in People Gold standard (February 2012)
  • ISO 9002 accreditation
  • Lean/system thinking processes
  • Carbon Trust accreditation

Sharpening our leading edge:

Because we have focused on what our residents care about, we have a growing portfolio of value-added service offers for local residents, including:

  • Enhanced community safety with our Neighbourhood Warden Service and new approach to solving anti-social behaviour
  • Promotion of independent living through monitoring and emergency services, including assistive technology to support our vulnerable residents
  • Complete in-house property and premises management service
  • 24/7 out-of-hours repairs and support services expanded to more functions and more customers
  • An extensive apprenticeship programme
  • A 'lean' housing management service for tenancy management, income collection and estate monitoring.
  • As our understanding of the needs of our residents evolves, we expect to be looking for new partners for new expertise and new ideas. We want to hear about what you do well. We may want to commission with you or buy services from you.

Contact Us

To find out more on how we can assist you, talk to any member of our team:

New Business Team: 020 8583 4128

Email: HH2@hounslowhomes.org.uk