About ALMO's

What is an ALMO?

An ‘Arms Length management Organisation’ or ALMO is a company set up by a local authority (in our case by the London Borough of Hounslow) to manage and improve the properties it owns. The local authority still owns the ALMO and your home. Your rights as a tenant remain the same. An ALMO that performs well can receive additional funding from the government to improve the properties it is managing.

Hounslow Homes is run by a board, made up of equal numbers of tenant, leaseholder and independent members. They monitor our performance and make sure we are providing a good service and have the opportunity to have a greater role in the management of their homes.

We manage the properties by providing services such as the following:

  • Managing empty properties and lettings
  • Rent and service charge collection
  • Repairs
  • Maintenance
  • Improvements and major works to bring properties up to Decent Homes Standard
  • Housing services such as caretaking and ground maintenance.

As an ALMO, we were able to receive additional funding so that we could implement the Decent Homes Standard and improve our properties.