Internal faults

If you are experiencing an electrical or power problem in your home, you can contact the Customer Service Centre on 0800 085 65 75 to report the problem.

Please tell us:

  • Is the problem affecting all the lights and sockets in your property or just in one room?
  • If the light fitting has stopped working, have you tried changing the bulb.
  • Have you checked the fuse box?
  • Were you using a particular appliance when the power went off?
  • If you have a total loss of power, have you checked with your neighbours if they also have a problem? This will help determine wether there has been a power cut or there is just an internal problem.
  • Have you had a notice from your supplier advising that the supply is to be disconnected?

Faulty Appliance test

If you think you may have a faulty appliance but don't know which appliance is causing the problem, unplug all your appliances and switch off all the sockets. Then put the trip or main power switch back to the on position.

Then, one by one, switch on the appliances you were using at the time of the power loss. If there is a problem with an appliance, the power may go off when the appliance is switched back on.

Safety first

Stay safe and do not attempt to carry out major electrical repairs in your home. Contact the Customer Service Centre to request a repair or report your repair online.

Lightbulbs and florescent tubes

Lightbulbs and florescent tubes are your responsibility to replace. Should one of these items need replacing, they can be purchased from most supermarkets and DIY stores.

If you are elderly and disabled and have no-one nearby (such a s a family member or nieghbour) to change the bulb, you can ask for assistance from the Customer Service Centre.

Interruptions in supply

Check with your nieghbours to see if they are also having a problem. At night, check out the window to see if there are any lights on in the surrounding area.

If there has been a power cut you will need to contact your supplier. As this is an interuption to the supply we will be unable to assist you if you contact us.

Keep a list of your suppliers emergency numbers in an easy to place to find, in case you need to contact them quickly.