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Abandoned Property

If you think that a Hounslow Homes property has been abandoned, contact the Customer Service Centre on 0800 085 65 75.

We will need to know:

  • The address of the property
  • The tenants name (if you know it)
  • How long the property has been abandoned

An estate manager will visit the property to see if it is empty or carry out a tenancy check if it is occupied.

If the property does appear to be abandoned, notices are left and enquiries made. If, after our investigations we have had no response from the tenant(s) and there are no signs of activity we will take action to repossess the property.

Leaving your home for more than two weeks?

You must tell us if you are going away for more than two weeks. You should also leave a forwarding address/contact number in case of emergency.

If you are leaving you home for 1 to 6 months and want someone to live there in your absence, you must get written permission from us in advance. We will not give permission if you are leaving for more than 6 months

If you do not return home within the time you say, we will assume you have given up the tenancy. Anyone living in your home without our knowledge or permission may be treated as an un-authorised occupant and we will go to court to evict them.

Important: you must continue paying your rent when you go away, even if it is just for a short holiday. You may be in danger of losing your home if you do not pay your rent.