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18 August - Project Empower - empowers disabled residents

17 August - Hounslow Homes sign framework agreement with Lovell and United House/A2 DHG


8 July 2023 - Community brightens up estate

6 July 2023 - Linford Christie and Darren Campbell bring gold to the Ivybridge Estate


29 June 2023 - Hounslow Homes' staff racing to save lives

16 June 2023 - Hounslow Homes' tenants spend time online

1 June 2023 - Hounslow Homes residents step ahead

1 June 2023 - Hounslow Homes residents celebrate with a Day of Cheer


22 May 2023 - Have your say to help us spend £2.7million!

18 May 2023 - HFTRA conference bigger then ever!

11 May 2023 - Hounslow Homes Residents alive with Culture